Wakayama Prefecture Dam

3131-Kirimegawa Dam / Wakayama Pref.

3131-Kirimegawa Dam / Wakayama Pref.Wakayama Prefecture Dam
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Date of interview: Wednesday, 1/28/2015

I came here after hearing that the Kirimegawa Dam, which is under test flooding, is surcharged and overflowing. As I live in Aichi Prefecture, the route from Mie Prefecture is shorter in terms of driving distance, but since there are many sections where the expressway is not maintained, I visited the Hirogawa Dam and the Tsubayama Dam via the Hanwa Expressway from Osaka, and this was the third dam of the day.

View of the downstream face of the dike

The Kirimegawa Dam is located along Route 425, and the downstream face of the embankment can be seen clearly from the national highway. The stream crest is clearly visible with a good amount of overflow. We may never see this scene again in our lifetime. The freshly poured concrete is also dazzling white. The water intake system uses a continuous siphon system, which eliminates the need for an operation room, resulting in a very clean design at the top end.

View of the downstream face of the dike
View of the downstream face of the dike

Speaking of the Kirimegawa Dam, in 2015, I designed a commemorative fan for the "Dam Anything" consultation room sponsored by the Japan Society of Dam Engineering and CMED, which used a photo of the Kirimegawa Dam.

Dam Anytime Consultation Office Fans
Dam Anytime Consultation Office Fans

Downstream on the left bank is the entrance to an audit corridor and what appears to be a valve chamber. The valve room is thought to be for water diversion or river maintenance.

Valve room and audit corridor entrance
Valve room and audit corridor entrance

The abatement basin is compact because of the dike toe guide wall.

momentum reducer
momentum reducer

The orifice gate is dark and invisible due to the angle dropouts installed on the orifice gate in the test water. More importantly, the deflector is super sharply angled! As they say in Nagoya dialect, the deflector is "tokkin tokkin".

orifice gate
orifice gate

The magnified image shows even more "tokkin tokkin".

Further enlargement of orifice gate
Further enlargement of orifice gate

The dam is in the midst of maintenance, so it is not possible to visit many places, so the angles are similar, but this dam must be revisited.

Downstream view of the levee from slightly downstream
Downstream view of the levee from slightly downstream

Neighborhood Maintenance

New public restrooms were also under construction.

construction sign
construction sign

They are quite helpful as there are no convenience stores in this area. As a dam enthusiast, I am happy to hear that.

Public restroom under construction
Public restroom under construction

Downstream face of the dike again

A nice blue sky is now visible.

View of the downstream face of the dike
View of the downstream face of the dike

The Kirimegawa River basin has long been plagued by floods and droughts, and the Kirimegawa Dam was constructed to address both of these problems. The Kirimegawa Dam will continue to be an active and contributing dam for many years to come.

Kirimegawa Dam Specifications

LocationTakagushi, Inan-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama
River NameKirimegawa River, Kirimegawa River System
ObjectiveF (flood control, agricultural disaster prevention)
N (unspecified water, water for river maintenance)
W(Water for water supply)
ModelG(gravity-fed concrete dam)
Bank height44.5m
Bank length127m
Dam volume67,000 m3
Watershed Area21.9km2
Reservoir area30 ha
Total storage capacity3,960,000 m3
Effective water storage capacity3,410,000 m3
Dam operatorWakayama prefecture (Kinki area)
Main body constructorKumagai-gumi, Asakawa-gumi, Ohana-gumi
Year of launch2013
Year Completed2015
Name of Dam Lake

Other facilities/observations

Parking lot
PR Exhibition Hall×
Viewing platform

Map around Kirimegawa Dam

Weather around Kirimegawa Dam

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