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recent photograph or photography

Dam enthusiast based mainly in the Chubu region. He is the administrator of "Dammedia," a website that aims to be an encyclopedia of dams. Appears on talk shows at the Japan Society of Civil Engineers and the Japan Dam Engineering Association, as well as on TV programs in the Chubu region. Organizes "Gatherings with Dam Lovers" with the Chubu Branch of the Japan Water Agency. In addition to his photogravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" (Japan Dam Association), he has served as a Dam Meister certified by the Japan Dam Association since his first term.

screen nameShin Jinma
Nationality / LocationJapan / Aichi Prefecture
tastesDriving (mainly visiting dams), watching anime, listening to music, internet, reading, napping
special skillWebsite management and EC site management using WordPress
Favorite ArtistASCA, GARNiDELiA, MYTH & ROID, ALTIMA, EXILE, move, Rina Aiuchi
Favorite authorsYoshiki Tanaka, Natsuhiko Kyogoku
Favorite movie actorJason Statham, Brad Pitt
Favorite radio personalityKomori Manami (a listener of MAMI's RADI Karu Communication)
People we admireMomosuke Fukuzawa

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2024/02/21lectureLecture by Dammeister, Tokai Branch Office, Kansai Electric Power Co.
2023/04/07OtherKansai Electric Power Co.# Mizuiro Net Photo ContestWinner of the Excellence Award in the "Maniac" category
2022/03/06TVTokai TV ".All over Japan! Amazing People in These Places: The Copper Statue Star Survey Team!Telephone appearances and materials provided for
2021/08/29OtherTwitter Bot "Dumb Press" released.
2021/03OtherDamapedia Multilingualization
2020/10/29OtherWinner of the Grand Prize for "Iwaya Dam Karuta
2020/06/26Events."Dam Night 10: The Great Local Dam Pride Tournament!Appearances (held online)
2019/12/06OtherDamapedia Official Shopopen
2019/11/23Events."The 12th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Agigawa Dam & Yahagi Dam with Dam CurryCo-sponsored by
2019/07Events."The 5th Dam Mania ExhibitionExhibit
2019/07designDam Curry Map Ver. 3.0" design
2018/10/27Events."The 11th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Nagara River Estuary Weir & Funatohira LocksCo-sponsored by
2018/05/26Events."The 10th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Misogawa Dam with Dam CurryCo-sponsored by
2017/11/23Events."The 9th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Yokoyama Dam & Tokuyama Dam with Dam CurryCo-sponsored by
2017/06/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2017/06/10Events."The 8th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Iwaya Dam with Dam CurryCo-sponsored by
2017/05/20lectureLecture "Dams are super cool! ~The charm of Tono Dam and other dams" at the Tono Dam Festival.
2017/03/04Events."The 7th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Togo Regulating Pond for Aichi Water Supply (Aichi Pond)Co-sponsored by
2016/12/03lectureTalk on "The Joy of Dam Tourism" at the Symposium Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Completion of Maruyama Dam
2016/06/11newspaperNikkei Shimbun morning edition separate volume NIKKEI Plus 1 "NIKKEI Plus 1Ranking of everythingCooperation with the paper
2016/06/07newspaperAsahi Shimbun Tokai Edition Evening Edition "Enriching the Regiondam curry Cooperation with the paper
2016/05/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2016/05net (hair, netball, etc.)Contribution to "Dams and Water Source Areas from the Viewpoint of Dam Mania" by the Water Source Environment Center and Water Source Area Net
2015/11/14EventsTalk Live "Dam Gokoro - All dams are interestingAppearance in
2015/10/17EventsCo-hosted the "6th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Kanayama Intake & Maruyama Dam
2015/9/28bookArticle published in the September issue of "Rivers", the official magazine of the Japan Rivers Association
2015/8/12OtherCreated a novelty fan for the Japan Society of Dam Engineering's "Dam Consultation Room" at the 39th Water Week "Water Exhibition".
2015/6/13newspaperInterview with Yomiuri Shimbun
2015/06/13EventsCo-hosted "The 5th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Makio Dam
2015/03/14EventsCo-hosted "The 4th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Miyagawa Regulating Pond & Kasato Regulating Pond
2015/3/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2014/06/18bookPhoto book "For those who love damsPublication
2014/01/17television commercialAppeared in a corporate commercial for 21SEIKI GROUP
2013/12/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2013/12/07EventsCo-hosted the "3rd Meeting with Dam Lovers in Nakasato Dam & Inabe River Intake Works
2013/11/18EventsAppeared in a talk show at the Japan Society of Dam Engineering Open Symposium "with Dam☆Night in Nagoya 2013
2013/10corporate communications magazine(Kitagawa Iron Works, Ltd. industrial machinery division public relations magazine "HOT LINE" Vol. 20 Photo
2013/06/01EventsCo-hosted the "2nd Gathering with Dam Lovers in Uren-Oshima Dam
2013/02/23EventsCo-hosted the 1st Gathering with Dam Lovers in Agigawa Dam
2012/09/19TVAppears on Tokai Television's "Super News" (KINARU)
2012/09/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2012/08/26newspaperChunichi Shimbun, Junior Chunichi, Nararu Land "Gaining Popularitydam cardListed in
2012/08/06TVAppears on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Company (CBC)'s "Ippou
2011/11/23EventsAppeared on talk show "The 1st Dam Mania Exhibition" at Sagami Lake Dam Festa
2011/05/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2010/11/11TVAppears on Chukyo Television's "news every.
2010/11/10bookArticle published in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2010/11/01OtherJapan Dam Association "Japan Dam AssociationdammeisterAppointment
2010/04/10bookPublished in gravure in "Monthly Dam Japan" by Japan Dam Association
2009/11/18TVAppears on Tokai Television's "girls x girls
2007/03/30TVAppears very briefly in TV Tokyo's "Mania's Cry
2006/04/21net (hair, netball, etc.)(Selected for the 3rd D-shot contest, Japan Dam Association's website photo contest, dam body category
2005/01/25bookPublished in Shueisha's "Shukan Playboy" (very few copies)
2004/03/05TVAppears in Mainichi Broadcasting System, "Gokuraku Express: Neverland of Love" (very few appearances)
2002/06/12net (hair, netball, etc.)Dammedia (former site name Dam Encyclopedia) is released.
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