Hokkaido/Tohoku Region Dam

Yamagata Prefecture Dam

0423-Akashiba Dam

Interview Date: 05/26/2013 (Sun) After Tainai No. 2 Dam, Oishi Dam, and Iwafune Dam, I finally landed in Yamagata Prefecture for the first time. To tell the truth, I wanted to visit the Yokogawa Dam, but I had to make the Akashiba Dam the last place I visited this time because I had to work the next day and had to travel to Aichi...
Dam in Miyagi Prefecture

0292-Ookura Dam

After leaving the Naruko Dam, we visited the Okura Dam, one of only two multiple arch dams in Japan. The other multiple arch dam is the Toyotoshi Pond Dam in Kagawa Prefecture, and this completes the list of dams of this type. The Okura Dam is the only one of its kind in Japan.
Dam in Miyagi Prefecture

0290-Naruko Dam

Date of report:2012/9/17 (Mon.) The Tohoku expedition, which started with a visit to Ishibuchi Dam and Isawa Dam, is finally on its third day. This would be the last day of our enjoyable Tohoku expedition. At first, we headed south on the Tohoku highway and came to Naruko Dam. There are many other dams that I would like to visit, but...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0249-Shijyushida Dam

Interview Date:2012/9/16 (Sun.) It was nighttime, but all the members of my group came to the Shijushida Dam because it was close to the Gosho Dam. The Yotsuya Dam, also known as the "Tennessee River Basin Development Authority (TVA) of Japan," was constructed along with the Gosho Dam, Tase Dam, Yuda Dam, and Ishibuchi Dam...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0256-Gosho Dam

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun) I left Tamagawa Dam and returned to Iwate Prefecture. I was the only one who stayed overnight in the car, but he took me to Hashiba Onsen Shin Hashiba-no-Yu at Roadside Station Shizukuishi Anekko, and we had Morioka cold noodles for dinner before arriving at the Gosho Dam...
Akita Dam

0394-Tamagawa Dam

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun.) After traveling further north from the Armorhata Dam, we came to the Tamagawa Dam. There is another dam of the same name in Ehime Prefecture, but this one is under the direct control of Akita Prefecture. Incidentally, as of January 2020, nearly seven and a half years after my visit, the Tamagawa Dam is the most ...
Akita Dam

0370-Yorohata Dam

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun) After passing through Lake Tazawa further north from Ichijoki Dam, we came to Armorhata Dam. There are many other dams in the area, but we picked the ones we visited based on the opinions of our fellow passengers who have been to this area before, so you may wonder "What? Why is that...?
Akita Dam

0354-Ichijogi Dam

After leaving the Yuda Dam, the group entered Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, and had lunch at "Akita Furusato Mura" (Akita Furusato Village), where they ate Yokote yakisoba for lunch. In addition, they also enjoyed Kiritanpo (sliced pork dumplings). After that, the group went further north and unexpectedly visited "Ichijoki Dam" and "Ichijoki Reservoir...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0247-Yuda Dam / Iwate Prefecture

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun) After the Ishibane Dam, the next stop is finally the Yuda Dam. The Yuda Dam, which I had longed to visit. My excitement was at its maximum at this time. View of the downstream embankment from the left bank. Personally, I think Yuda Dam is the best gravity arch dam...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0237-Ishibane Dam

The day after visiting Ishibuchi Dam and Isawa Dam, I decided to go on a tour of dams in Tohoku with my fellow dam enthusiasts. The first of these was the Ishibane Dam. Signs and stone monuments with a lot of information, such as water use signs, signs warning of water discharge, and stone monuments. The water use sign on the left is for irrigation...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0277-isawa dam

After visiting Ishibuchi Dam and having lunch at Yakeishi Qua Park Himekayu, the next stop was Isawa Dam. View of the embankment from downstream The Isawa Dam is so huge that even a wide-angle lens could not capture the full view when close to the embankment. View of the embankment from downstream View of the flow guide wall...
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0235-Ishibuchi Dam

Date of report:2012/9/15 (Sat) I am afraid that this is not the most up-to-date information on the Ishibuchi Dam, which has been stocked for seven years, but since this dam is now a phantom, I would like you to think that this disclosure is a memorial to the...
Fukushima Prefecture Dam

0505-Otori Dam

Located downstream from Okutadami Dam, this is a dedicated power generation dam owned by J-Power Development. It is off-limits to the general public. We arrived at the Otori Dam on the back of a microbus provided by Power Supply Development Co. Again, I had not studied the dam beforehand, so I did not know the details of the dam. Although we could not see the entire embankment due to the power plant building, the solid appearance of the embankment is unique to the gravity-type arch. The white object hanging down from the right bank of the embankment is a hydraulic pipe for power generation. / Gravity arch dam / 83m
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