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A crest gate is a gate installed at the crest of a dam to prevent overflow from the top of the dam, mainly used for flood control as an emergency flood discharge. The word "crest" means "top" in English, and thus a "crest gate" is a gate located at the top of a dam.

Because it is an emergency flood discharge, it is used during floods that occur only once every 100 years, so it is extremely rare for water to be discharged from it and is rarely seen.

The discharge from the crest gate is a magnificent sight, depending on the dam, and should be seen at least once, even if you are not a dam enthusiast.

In the usage of this term in dam enthusiasts, the mouth is often used as a crest gate and "vomiting (vomit, etc.)" is often expressed as "vomiting from a crest" or the like.

Crest gate of Yasu River Dam

Crests do not have steel gates, which is the current mainstream, and are called free overflow or natural overflow systems because they naturally release water when the water level rises.

Crest gate of Taifu Dam

It is also called a "radial gate" because of its fan-shaped steel gate. The Taifu Dam is owned by Chubu Electric Power Company, and most of the crest gates of Chubu Electric Power Company dams are red in color, so they are called "Chuden Red" by enthusiasts.

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