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The 5th Dam Mania Exhibition! This site also participates! (Updated)

The 5th Dam Mania Exhibition Dam News
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In addition to exhibits such as dam photos, dam cartoons, and dam curry samples from across Japan, dam talk events, workshops, and dam goods sales will be held for the enjoyment of adults and children alike.

Also exhibiting this year is Kamima, which operates this website. Kamima has designed and released goods featuring the "Beware of Discharge" logo, as well as the "Dam -Kiso River and Hida River- ExhibitionThe dam New Year's cards, which were well received at the "The Dam New Year's Card" exhibition, will be on display.

Let's go to Sagami Lake Exchange Center this summer.

The following is a reprint of the information provided by the Sagami Lake Exchange Center.
*Some unconfirmed talk live start times and workshop details have been added (7/7/2019).

Date & Time

Sunday, July 7, 2019 - Thursday, July 25, 2019 10:00-17:00
*Closed on 7/8 (Mon.), 7/16 (Tue.), and 7/22 (Mon.).

Dam Talk Live 2019

Free admission & no reservation required. Feel free to come and listen!
Venue: Sagami Lake Exchange Center, 2F Training Room

i. Sunday, July 7, 16:00 -
"Recommendations for Touring Dams Abroad."
Appearance: Masaki Hagiwara, dam writer / dam photographer (dam mania exhibition producer)

ii. Sunday, July 14, 10:30 a.m.
Monthly Maruyama Dam Dissection!
Appearance: Yoshi, Maruyama Dam enthusiast

iii. Sunday, July 14, 14:00 -
My First Dam Mania.
Appearance: Masaki Hagiwara, dam writer / dam photographer (dam mania exhibition producer)
Sunday, July 21, 10:30 a.m.
The Dam and the Region of Kashiwazaki.
Performed by: Meguro Kouji

July 15 (Monday, national holiday) will be held at the same time! -The 26th Sagami Lake Dam Festival

Dam Workshop

Venue: Sagami Lake Exchange Center, Art Gallery

1. "Let's make a dam card-style luncheon mat!
Participation fee: 500 yen
Instructor: Kuri
Let's make a luncheon mat of the perfect size for Sagami Dam Curry with felt.
Let's eat Sagami dam curry with the luncheon mat we made!

2. "Let's make a strap using dam pompadour beads!
Participation fee: 500 yen
Lecturer: Yoshi
We will make straps using Moriko-colored dragonfly beads, concrete-colored concrete bears, and concrete-chan dragonfly beads.

3. "Let's make your own dam card!
Admission: Free
Instructor: Dammeister Okan Subcommittee
Cast your own dam while learning the sequence of dam construction. Make your own dam card.

Dam workshop by dam enthusiasts


Kanagawa Prefectural Sagami Lake Exchange Center Art Gallery


Free Admission


Kanagawa Prefectural Sagami Lake Exchange Center
Phone: 042(682)6121
Reception hours: 9:00 - 21:30
Closed on Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a national holiday)


Kanagawa Prefectural Sagami Lake Exchange Center (Designated manager: Actio Corporation)



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