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Private site links (dam-related)

Dam Master(Manager: Abebe)

The main site is about dams in Nagano and Shizuoka. The comments are written in a unique way. The site is very easy to understand, with dams rated by stars.

DAM MANIA(Manager: Mr. Miyajima)

The amount of data on dams is very rich, and the contents are also very extensive, including a quiz game about dams. Personally, the "Dam Mania" theme song is worth mentioning (lol).

Scenery of the dam(Manager: ToNo-san)

This is the largest site introducing dams in the Chubu area. I am also mainly from the Chubu area, so we have many similarities, but this site has the largest number of dams in the Chubu area.

DamJapan(Manager: Ryu-san)

The administrator of this site is a (!!!) The administrator of this site is (!) a high school student! We can expect great things from this young man with his energy and unique approach.

Suzume's Social Studies Book(Manager: Yosuzume-san)

The site introduces dams, mining facilities, and ruins in the form of reports. The site is self-proclaimed as "one dam a day," and its extensive reports are well worth reading! There are reports that make you laugh, reports that move you, and reports that make you cry.

location of a prefectural governor's office(Manager: Ken-san)

The site is mainly composed of photos taken by yourself. However, the site is full of information on dams in the Chugoku region! The reports are worth reading and very satisfying. In particular, the huge dam, the largest in Hiroshima Prefecture and one of the largest in western Japan, is well worth a visit.arch damAnd don't miss the report on the Onui Dam!

NAUTIS'S SITE(Administrator: NAUTIS)

A site about the dam and the Maritime Self-Defense Force. The mascot character "Kanae" welcomes you with a smile. Because of her work (?) The site features many dams in Kyushu.

Dam "Kyo" (Kyoto)(Manager: Sanchan)

The "Kyo" used in the site name is "Kyo" for "Kyoto. As the name implies, the site provides a wealth of information on dams in the Kansai region, including Kyoto, Shiga, and Nara. The site also covers the basics, including dam terminology.

dam-site(Manager: Masaki Hagiwara)

This is a long-established dam-related website. The site has a clear and organized design, and provides a wealth of dam photos and various information on dams. The site is also easy to use for dam novices, as it offers dam tours.

Dam's room(Manager: Fukachan)

This is Fukachan's site where he travels around the country on his motorcycle. Although it is an up-and-coming site, it covers the country with its mobility, and the number of bases posted on the site quickly exceeds that of this site. Moreover, the beautiful photos, taken with a digital single-lens reflex camera, capture the hearts of the viewers.

news of a water shortage(Manager: Mr. Eteyan)

This is an archive of the site of Teeyan, who is now deceased. He was a wonderful man of mobility, with a ponytail, and his favorite car was a Peugeot.... It is hard for me to say in the past tense that he was truly an ironic silver.

Daikokuya EMC Internet Public Relations Office(Manager: Daikokuya)

The site of Daikokuya who lives in Toyama. For the dam page, go to "Japanese dams". I have visited this site from time to time even before I started managing this site. It introduces dams around Japan, mainly in the Hokuriku region. Hisa)

When it comes to hydroelectric power generation, this is the place to go. I have been using this site when I am looking for information on hydropower. Naturally, there are also many photos of dams, and Hisa is so active that she rides her bicycle to places that are not accessible by car. Osazukii-san)

Cylindrical diversion" is a facility for accurately allocating water for agricultural use. This site aims to build a database for this purpose. Unlike dams, there is not much information available, so the site conveys the difficulties involved. There are many pictures of beautiful cylindrical diversions as well as dams.

Kaiyu Dam Site(Administrator: kaiyu)

We met on Twitter.And he's a dammeister just like me.This is the site of Mr. kaiyu who lives in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Of course, dams around Yamaguchi Prefecture are introduced in detail. The blog where photos taken with an Olympus digital camera are also posted is here -> "kaiyu diary".

Dam-related organizations

Dam-related companies

  • Kajima Corporation
    We are a major general contractor well known for large scale construction. Here on the site, "Construction Natural Historyis a good study of dam construction.
  • Power Development Co.
    This is a company that supports the energy situation in Japan, which has been a great help to us at Sakuma Off. The communication name is now "J-Power," which is twice as familiar, and the VI is cool too.


  • River Disaster Prevention Information
    Real-time dam discharge and flood information can be obtained.
  • Japan Water Agency
    It is an "Independent Administrative Institution" whose purpose is to ensure a stable supply of water in the Tone, Ara, Toyokawa, Kiso, Yodo, Yoshino, and Chikugo Rivers.
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