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This site is literally an "encyclopedia of dams. Although it has a rather exaggerated title, it may not be very encyclopedic in the beginning. However, we would like to gradually build up the information and eventually develop this site into a truly "dam encyclopedia" that everyone will recognize.

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A(irrigation water)(111) A(arch dam)(27) B(buttress dam)(1) E(earth dam)(54) F (flood control, agricultural disaster prevention)(147) FA (asphalt-facing fill dam)(5) FG(weir)(1) G(Gravity Concrete Dam)(210) GA (Gravity Arch Dam)(8) GF (Gravity Concrete Fill Composite Dam)(5) HG(Hollow Gravity Concrete Dam)(10) I (industrial water)(48) MA(Multiple Arch Dam)(2) N (unspecified water, water for river maintenance)(101) P(power generation)(218) R(Recreation)(1) R(Rockfill Dam)(43) S(water for snow removal)(2) U15(weir)(13) W(Water for water supply)(115) 100 Dam Lakes(22) Mitaki River System(1) Kuzuryu River System(12) Ito-Ogawa River System(1) Saburi River System(1) Sano River system(1) Shinano River System(16) Hundred Million Head River System(1) Kirimegawa River system(1) Tone River system(18) Kakogawa River system(5) Kaji River system(2) Kitakami River System(7) Chiyogawa River system(4) Nanbu River System(1) Trapezoidal CSG(1) Yoshii River system(10) Yoshino River system(6) Natori River system(1) Inabe River system(2) JSCE Recommended Civil Engineering Heritage(1) Dams open to the community (11) Sakai River system(1) Tara River system(2) Tama River system(1) Oigawa River System(13) Yamato River System(6) Tenryu River system(14) Tengan River System(1) Ota River system(2) Anno River System(1) Asato River system(1) Miya River system(3) Fuji River System(3) Oyabe River System(1) Joganji River system(4) Hirokawa River system(1) Shonai River system(6) Shogawa River system(10) Tedori River system(1) Ibo River system(1) Shingu River System(6) Shin-Minato River System(3) The 100 best reservoirs in Japan(6) Hioki River system(1) Hidaka River system(1) Asahikawa river system(2) Asaaki River system(2) Kiso River System(47) Quercus serrata river system (2) Kashii River system(2) Kushida River system(1) Muko River System(1) Off-channel water systems (2) Yodo River system(36) Hanna-Fukuchi River system (1) Monobe River System(3) Saigawa River system(1) Ikuta River system(1) Yura River system(8) Sagami River system(9) Yahagigawa River system(18) Yada River system(1) Ishikawa River system(1) Isobe River system(1) Jinzu River system(9) Kino River system(3) Tainai River system(1) Arakawa River system(5) Nishida River system(1) Midegawa River system(1) Toyokawa River system(7) Onga River system(1) Naka River system(6) Nagawa River system(4) Miyakoda River system(1) Sakeko River system(2) Suzuka River system(1) Agano River system(4) Yubutsu River system(3) Undo River system(2) Takahashi River system(4) Kurobe River System(4)

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