Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0569-Itamuro Dam

0569-Itamuro Dam Tochigi Prefecture Dam
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Date of interview: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Itamuro Dam is a gravity concrete dam constructed as a reverse control reservoir for the Fukayama Dam upstream and the Itamuro Power Plant of the Tochigi Prefectural Enterprise Bureau. Itamuro Dam also takes in water for irrigation and water supply.

Road to Itamuro Dam

I know this and dare to visit, but unfortunately, the Itamuro Dam is off-limits. Several years ago, the Japan Dam Association held a Dammeister training session at the Itamuro Dam, but unfortunately I was not able to attend due to various reasons. Writing this article again, I feel a strong sense of regret after all these years, but I wonder if they will hold another tour...

Road to Itamuro Dam
Road to Itamuro Dam

Please refrain from using the sign

We photographed only the sign and moved on to our next destination.

Please refrain from using the sign
Please refrain from using the sign

Itamuro Dam Specifications

Location841 Aza-Nokubo, Oaza-Itamuro, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi
River NameNaka River System Naka River
ObjectiveP(Power generation)
ModelG(gravity-fed concrete dam)
Bank height16.8m
Bank length76m
Dam volume11,000 m3
Watershed Area151 km2 (direct: 85 km2, indirect: 66 km2)
Reservoir area5 ha
Total storage capacity260,000 m3
Effective water storage capacity170,000 m3
Dam operatorTochigi prefecture (Kantou area)
Main body constructorSato Kogyo
Year of launch1968.
Year Completed1973
Name of Dam Lake-

Other facilities/observations

Parking lot×
PR Exhibition Hall×
Viewing platform×

Map around Itamuro Dam

Weather around Itamuro Dam

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