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[Flash Report] Japan Dam Awards 2019 Results!

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The Japan Dam Awards 2019 were held on Saturday, December 28 at Tokyo Culture Culture in Shibuya, where the awards for Discharge Award, Low Water Management Award, Event Award, Flood Control Award, and Dam Grand Prize were announced.

Let's start with the nominations for each award.

■Discharge Award Nominee Nominee

  1. Sanl Dam (Hokkaido, Japan)
  2. Tsuruta Dam (Kagoshima Prefecture)
  3. Kawachigawa Dam (Fukui Prefecture)
  4. Amagase Dam (Kyoto Prefecture)
  5. Urayama Dam (Saitama Prefecture)
  6. Miwa Dam (Nagano Prefecture)
  7. Takayama Dam (Kyoto Prefecture)
  8. Anba Dam (Okinawa Prefecture)
  9. Kanamu Dam (Okinawa Prefecture)
  10. Anauchi River Dam (Kochi Prefecture)

■Low Water Management Award Nominations

  1. Tsugaru Dam (Aomori Prefecture)
  2. Tono Dam (Tottori Prefecture)
  3. Minamihata Dam (Fukuoka Prefecture)
  4. Uren Dam (Aichi Prefecture)

■Event Award Nominee

  1. Yubari Shuparo Dam (Hokkaido, Japan)
  2. Yuda Dam (Iwate Prefecture)
  3. Iwaya Dam (Gifu Prefecture)
  4. Tono Dam (Tottori Prefecture)
  5. Kami Shiiba Dam (Miyazaki Prefecture)

■Flood Control Award Nominations

  1. Shiroyama Dam (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  2. Okawa Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  3. Yamba Dam (Gunma Prefecture)
  4. Shimokubo Dam (Saitama/Gunma Prefecture)

■Results announced

Discharge Award (Which dam had the most impressive discharge?)Takayama Dam (Kyoto Prefecture)
It appears to have been selected due to the unusual inspection discharge, which is a flush discharge from the crest gate.

Low Water Management Award (Which dam did the most impressive drought-fighting?)Aomori Prefecture, Japan
It seems that the company was recognized for fighting drought while the water storage volume was constantly declining steadily.

Event Award (Which dam held the most fan-pleasing event?): Kami Shiiba Dam (Miyazaki Pref.)
The fact that Kyushu Electric Power, an electric power company that believes that water is like money, held a discharge event seems to have garnered votes.

Flood Control Award (Which dam has done the most impressive battle against heavy rainfall?)Yamba Dam (Gunma Prefecture)
It seems that Typhoon No. 19's runoff led to an impressive debut, which was well received.

2019 Dam Awards (Which dam did people remember most this year?) :.Yamba Dam (Gunma Prefecture)
This year, the much-discussed Yamba Dam was evaluated. (And it hasn't even started operating yet.)

We would like to thank Mr. Hagiwara and the other presenters who organized the event, the backyard tabulators, and the selection committee for their hard work. Thank you very much.

Please refer to the official website for the history of awards received to date.
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