Kanto Region Dam

Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0567-Numappara Dam / Tochigi Prefecture

Date of interview: 11/19/2014 (Wed.) On this day, after visiting the Fukayama Dam, the main part of the tour via Shiobara Dam (glimpse only) and Itamuro Dam (entrance only), the other main dam we visited was the Numahara Dam. This dam is used for pumped-storage power generation...
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0568-Fukayama Dam (Miyama Dam)

Date of coverage: 11/19/2014 (Wed) We came here via Shiobara Dam (glimpse only) and Itamuro Dam (entrance only), and then Fukayama Dam. It was one of the main dishes of the day. The Fukayama Dam was constructed at the uppermost reaches of the Naka River as part of the national Nasunohara Development and Construction Project. Agricultural water...
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0569-Itamuro Dam

Date of interview: 11/19/2014 (Wed.) Itamuro Dam is a gravity concrete dam constructed as a reverse control reservoir for the Fukayama Dam and the Itamuro Power Plant of the Tochigi Prefectural Enterprise Bureau, which are located upstream. Itamuro Dam also takes in water for irrigation and water supply. The road to Itamuro Dam I knew it, but I didn't dare...
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0570-Shiobara Dam

Date of interview: 11/19/2014 (Wed.) On this day, I visited Nasu Shiobara in Tochigi Prefecture for the first time in four years. The last time I visited Nasu Shiobara, I took the bullet train to participate in a tour of the Yashio Dam and the Snakeo River Dam, but I felt it was a waste of a long trip, so this time I took the car and...
Saitama Prefecture Dam

0642-Urayama Dam

Date:July 15, 2013 (Mon) I went from Arima Dam to Chichibu City to have lunch, but all the places were full, so I wandered up to Urayama Dam thinking that there would be something to eat while moving around. I went to the Urayama Dam with my family, but they said they would wait in the car, so I just went around to take pictures...
Saitama Prefecture Dam

0640-arima dam

Date of visit: 07/15/2013 (Monday) I stayed two nights in Tachikawa, Tokyo due to a dam mania exhibition at the Sagami Lake Exchange Center, and decided that it would be a waste to go home via Chichibu on the Chuo Expressway. The place...
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0702-Miho Dam

Date of interview: 2011/11/23 (Wed., holiday) Location: Kamioda, Yamakita-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture The Sanpo Dam is a Kanagawa Prefecture-owned rock-fill dam built on the Kawachi River in the Sako River system. On this day, I was to appear in a talk live at the "Dam Mania Exhibition" held at the Sagami Lake Exchange Center near Sagami Dam...
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0583-Snake River Dam / Sabigawa Dam

The Snake River Dam is a dam that functions as a pumped storage reservoir for pumped storage power generation with the Yashio Dam. The public is not allowed to enter...rather, to get to this dam, you have to go through a tunnel to pass through the power station, so you cannot go straight to the dam in effect. / Gravity concrete dam / 104m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0582-Yashio Dam/Yashiodamu

The Yashio Dam is a rare asphalt-facing fill dam that uses asphalt as an impermeable wall, and functions as an upper reservoir for pumped-storage power generation with the Snake River Dam. It is a rare type of asphalt-facing fill dam that uses asphalt as its barrier wall. This article introduces the site and the Shiobara Power Plant, which is located underground. / Asphalt-facing fill dam / 90.5m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0571-kawaji dam

It is the fourth tallest arch dam in Japan, and the catwalk can be visited. It is indeed a dam full of attractions. Of course, it is not only a sight to see, but it also works wonderfully and is an important base for protecting the downstream Kinugawa River. Protecting the Kinu River means protecting the urban areas downstream. We must not forget that. / Arch dam / 140m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0563-kawamata dam

Kawamata Dam is the longest vertical arch dam in Japan, tucked away in the midst of nature. It is also characterized by its compactness and various structures in a narrow space. The details here and there on the embankment are eye-catching. Also, since it is a long walk from the parking lot, it is a physical challenge to visit. / Arch dam / 117m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0578-Kuriyama Dam/Kuriyama Dam

Kuriyama Dam is a rockfill dam that functions as an upper reservoir for pumped-storage power generation with Imaichi Dam (0579-Imaichi Dam/Imaichi Dam) as a lower reservoir. The dam is interesting on the way to the dam, as it is visible after passing through a pasture, its gate, and a tunnel. It is recommended for driving, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. / Rockfill dam / 97.5m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0556-Kurobe Dam/Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam is located not in Toyama Prefecture but in Tochigi Prefecture. Japan's first concrete dam for power generation, built in the Taisho Era (1912-1926), is a stone-lined dam with style, elegance, and history. You can feel a little bit of Taisho Romanticism on your skin. There is also a hot spring nearby. / Gravity concrete dam / 28.7m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0558-dorobe dam

The Torobe Dam is owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company and is dedicated to power generation. It can only be seen from the other side of the dam lake, and the embankment cannot be approached. Rumor has it that there is a path that leads to the embankment, but you will probably have to paddle through the bushes. If you take the wrong path, you will end up on the cliff, so it is safer not to go that far. / Gravity Concrete Dam / 21.6m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0588-Mikawasawa Dam

Mikawasawa Dam is a dam deep in the mountains that can only be reached on foot. Although it appears to be off-limits, we were able to enter this dam without any problems. Animals such as bears may appear, so we recommend that you bring a bell or other countermeasures when you visit. The best point of this dam is the embankment seen from the dam lake side. / Gravity concrete dam / 48.5m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0559- Ikari Dam/Ikari Dam

Gojuri" is the name of a place named after the distance of 50 ri from Tokyo's Nihonbashi Bridge, and the Gojuri Dam is a high dam, completed in 1956, with an embankment height of 112 meters. The construction of this dam has a long history. The history oozes from the embankment. It is a stately dam composed of the best mix of such history and modern technology, such as gate repair and cooperation with neighboring dams. / Gravity concrete dam / 112m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0560-Koami Dam

The Koami Dam is a small but fully enjoyable dam, owned by Tochigi Prefecture and dedicated to power generation. It also serves as a reverse control dam for the Kawaji No. 1 Power Station and as an intake dam for the Kawaji No. 2 Power Station and the Koami Power Station, and despite being dedicated to power generation, the top of the dam is unusual in that you can walk around it. / Gravity concrete dam / 23.5m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0557-Naka Iwadamu

This is the next dam we visited after Imaichi Dam (0579-Imaichi Dam), but we could not find it right away, even though we had checked in advance that it was along the R121 (Kinu Bypass). It was not easy to find it, although I had previously checked that it was located along the R121 (Kinu Bypass). However, it is located far from the national highway and a short walk is required. / Gravity arch dam / 26.3m
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0579-Imaichi Dam/Imaichi Dam

Imaichi Dam is owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and serves as a lower reservoir for pure pumped-storage power generation between it and the Kuriyama Dam (0578-Kuriyama Dam), which serves as the upper reservoir. The embankment gives a slender impression, and has an air of a dam that one would not expect from a dam dedicated to power generation. The atmosphere is quiet. No one is around, and no one comes. The only sound is the sound of water. This atmosphere is not bad. / Gravity concrete dam / 75.5m
Gunma Dam

0606-Aimata Dam

Despite the small size of the dam, the facilities are quite extensive. Of course, there are many things to see and do. National Route 17 runs along the side of the dam lake, which was also called Mikuni Kaido in the old days, and it is said that Kenshin Uesugi also passed through here. Nearby is Sarugakyo Onsen, which would be a good base for sightseeing and touring the dam. / Gravity Concrete Dam / 67m
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