Kyushu/Okinawa Region Dam

Fukuoka Prefecture Dam

2439-Inunaki Dam

Location: 72-2 Nibanno, Inunaki, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan Date of interview: 06/13/2011 (Monday) There is no apparition at the Inunaki Dam. There is no such thing in this article. If you came here expecting that, please back up your browser now. I was disturbing the locals with my test of courage...
Fukuoka Prefecture Dam

2446-Nagatani Dam / Fukuoka, Japan

The Hase Dam is a waterworks-only dam in Fukuoka City, operated by the Fukuoka Municipal Government. It has a dam lake, which is difficult to read "Mikazuki-no-Umi" (Lake Mikazuki), and even though it is a water supply dam, it is an unusual dam that pumps up water from downstream to store it. / Gravity concrete dam / 53.8m
Fukuoka Prefecture Dam

2443-Narufuchi Dam

Narubuchi Dam is a multi-purpose dam operated by Fukuoka Prefecture for the purpose of flood control and water supply. It was completed relatively recently in 2001, and its fairy-tale-like design is a major feature of the dam. The construction of the Narubuchi Dam was planned to prevent the frequent flooding of the Tadara River in the vicinity of Fukuoka City, as well as to meet the growing population in the area, including Fukuoka City, and the resulting tight demand for water. / Gravity concrete dam / 67.4m
Dam in Okinawa Prefecture

2905-Kinjo Dam

The embankment is made of Ryukyu limestone, a material unique to Okinawa. It is the very wall of Shurijo Castle. It is said that the design of the river was inspired by the nearby Shuri Castle. The river is unusually narrow. The river is unusually narrow, so it has often been plagued by floods when it rains heavily. The river flows through the center of Naha City and Kokusai-dori Street, so you can see how important this dam is. / Gravity concrete dam / 19m
Dam in Okinawa Prefecture

3147-Kinmu Dam (former name: Okkubi Dam)

The 100 million head dam is to be constructed 100 m downstream of the existing Kanabu Dam (non-dam/levee height 12.8 m). There was no sight of the embankment at all. Also, what I failed to capture was that I was heading toward Naha City, but I didn't know that Kinmu Dam was on the left side, and I was only staring at the right side of the bus, so I could only capture this sign.... / Trapezoidal CSG / 39m
Dam in Okinawa Prefecture

3340-Kannawaki Dam

As the name suggests, the Hanna Waki Dam is located on the side of the Hanna Dam. I was actually aiming for the main body of the Hanna Dam, but when I noticed it, I saw the side dam.... I know that no one will be satisfied if I upload such a picture, but I wanted to upload it as a proof that I saw it.... / rockfill dam / 37m
Dam in Okinawa Prefecture

0000-Ishikawa Dam

This dam, like Yamashiro Dam (2893-Yamashiro Dam/Yamashiro Dam), was photographed from the Okinawa Expressway during a tour of Okinawa. I was able to photograph it! However, it seems that the height of the embankment is less than 15m, and it is treated as a weir. So, it was not listed in the dam handbook... / 13.2m
Dam in Okinawa Prefecture

2893-Yamashiro Dam

When I saw the characters for "Yamashiro Dam," I wondered if it was "Yamagusuku. I thought it might be "Yamagusuku," but it was a surprisingly common reading. Sometimes I get confused when I think that Okinawan kanji must be difficult to read, but it is not. I was surprised to learn that the dam was originally built by the U.S. Army. The history of the dam is typical of Okinawa. It was called Tengan Dam until March 1998. / Earth dam / 29.9m
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