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About "Dampedia :: d@mpedia

The name of the site was changed from "Dam Encyclopedia" to "Damapedia" on 2010/9/6! This site is literally an "encyclopedia of dams. Although it has a rather exaggerated title, it may not be very "encyclopedic" in the beginning. However, I would like to gradually build up the information and eventually develop this site into a truly "dam encyclopedia" that everyone will recognize. That is why we gave it this name.

Secondly, I'd like to talk about why I started this site.

  1. That I am a dam enthusiast.
  2. There are existing dam sites, but they are limited to local areas and there are no national sites.
  3. The official websites of companies and organizations are particularly poor in terms of content
  4. There is a book called "Dam Yearbook" that provides dam-related information, but at 20,000 yen, it is too expensive for an individual to obtain, so I wondered if I could somehow make it myself without using this book.
  5. self-satisfaction

These are some of the reasons, such as

I happened to go for a drive and happened to see a dam (the first dam I visited was the Yahagi No. 1 Dam), and I was amazed by the huge architectural structure, which led me to visit many dams after that.

I was looking for a dam site, but sometimes I could not find the dam site I wanted, so I decided to make one myself. (I thought I would create my own dam site if this was the case.)

(3) There is an association called "Japan Dam Association" which is, well, like a mutual aid association for dams, but it is poor. Well, you should actually take a look at it. (I wrote this, but a large database was created on the website of the Japan Dam Association before I knew it.)

I was hoping to have a reference when I set up this site, but when I saw the price, I gave up on purchasing it.

Finally, please consider ⑤ as a joke (laugh). No, it simply applies to ⑤ that I was always halfway through something, so I decided to make something complete.

However, if I try to collect information on dams throughout Japan, I may not be able to do it by myself, since there are said to be more than 3,000 dams, large and small, in Japan. I will try to gather information on dams by myself as much as possible, but I may ask for help from you, the readers of this site. If possible, I would like to make this site more active together with all of you.

In addition, there are many pages that do not have photos on each dam introduction page at this time. However, I would like to visit all the dams by myself and take photos of them. I would like to make this my life's work. I am aware that it is a long and difficult road. But I hope to overcome it somehow. ...I am still self-satisfied, after all.

In recent years, the public has been saying that dams are bad because of the prolonged economic recession, the governor of a certain prefecture's declaration to "get rid of dams," environmental destruction, etc. This site will be operated without any relation to such matters. I would like to express here the beauty of dams as huge architectural structures and data.

Lastly, since this is a personal project, please forgive me for any mistakes or expressions that may be poorly presented. I hope to see you in the community space. Thank you very much.

How to walk the site

I added various functions from the old contents. This is thanks to WordPress.

  • The location of the dam was mapped using GoogleMaps.
  • The dam number recommended by the dam association is given next to the title.
  • Tagged with the form and use of the dam.
  • Optimized display in Safari on iPhone

Various modifications have also been made from the old content.

  • Change of location description due to the Heisei merger
  • Correction of local and prefectural menus
  • External link correction

There are many other additions and modifications, but I won't go into the details because they may be an advantage to the creator, but I think it has improved in many areas. However, since we are porting almost the entire contents of the old site, the photos are unchanged, and the text has been corrected where we were concerned, but since we are giving top priority to porting, some unsightly parts are still there (laugh).

I'm sure that as the amount of data increases, there will be many things that won't add up, but I'm hoping that WordPress plug-ins will help me deal with that....

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