Jinzu River System

Dam in Gifu Prefecture

1129-Nyukawa Dam

Date:2013/10/6(Sun) with DAM NIGHT in Nagoya I went around the Kiso River dams to take dam photos for the presentation and exhibition, and my final destination was the Niu River Dam. The Niu River Dam is a multi-purpose dam operated by the Gifu Prefectural Government...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

3590-Sarukoshi Dam

Date of visit:2013/08/04 (Sun) It took about 20 minutes to go southward from Nakayama Dam, about 12.2 km away. We arrived at the Sarukoshi Dam, which is also owned by the Toyama Prefectural Bureau of Public Enterprises and dedicated to power generation. The section of National Highway No. 471/472 is a narrow road, and is a so-called "bad road"...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0847-Nakayama Dam

Date of interview: 2013/08/04 (Sun) From Yatsuo Dam and Muromaki Dam, head further south on National Highway Route 471/472 (duplicated section) along the river as if you were traveling up the Ida River (OHase River and Muromaki River). On the way, there is a hydroelectric dam operated by the Toyama Prefectural Government called Nibusuiso Dam in Nibusu Tank on your left...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0846-Muromaki Dam

Date of report:2013/08/04 (Sun.) The Muromaki Dam is located southward from the Yatsuo Dam. You can naturally reach it by heading south along the Muromaki River (Ida River) on Prefectural Route 230. However, according to Toyama Prefecture's website, the road downstream is not good, so we took National Road No. 472, Shoma...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0849-Yatsuo Dam/Yatsuo Dam

Date of interview:2013/08/04 (Sun) After visiting the dams on the Arimine and Jinzu Rivers, I stayed overnight at the Yatsuo Yume no Mori Yuyuukan in Yatsuo Town, Toyama City, played at the Toyama City Family Park the next morning, and decided to stop at a dam on my way home. Yatsuo Dam was the first dam we visited that day. Osaka...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0838-Jinzan Dam (Jinzu River Third Dam)

Date of interview:2013/08/03 (Sat) This is the Jinzan Dam, the third son of the three Jinzu River brothers. This dam is located at the downstream end of the Jinzu River. View of the upstream side of the embankment from the left bank. By the way, check the photo again...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0836-Jinichi Dam (Jinzu River First Dam)

Date of interview: 2013/08/03 (Sat) After the Shinji Dam, we came to the Shinichi Dam, which is the eldest son. In terms of the year of completion, Jinni Dam is the eldest son, but in terms of the year of start of construction, Jinichi Dam is the oldest. Looking at the downstream side of the embankment from the left bank.
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0837-Jinni Dam (Jinzu River Second Dam)

Date of interview: 2013/08/03 (Sat) Moving on from the Kumanogawa Dam, we came to the Jinji Dam. The Jinji Dam is a power generation dam operated by Hokuriku Electric Power Company, which generates up to 44,000 kW of electricity at the Jinzu River No. 2 Power Plant located directly below the dam. It is called the Jinzu River No. 2 Dam because of the name of the power plant...
Dam in Toyama Prefecture

3699-Kumanogawa Dam

Date of report:2013/08/03 (Sat) I visited Arimine Dam, Sukenobu Dam, Oguchigawa Dam, and Omata Dam to see the Kumanogawa Dam. The Kumanogawa Dam is located in Toyama Prefecture, although the name of the dam alone suggests that it might be in Mie or Wakayama Prefecture. We also saw the Hokuriku Electric Power Co. dam throughout the day...
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