Dam in Toyama Prefecture

0849-Yatsuo Dam/Yatsuo Dam

0849-Yatsuo Dam/Yatsuo Dam Dam in Toyama Prefecture
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Date of interview: Sunday, 08/04/2013

Arimine and Jinzu River dams in Yatsuo Town, Toyama City.Yao Dream Forest YuyuukanWe decided to stay overnight at the Toyama City Family Park, play at the Toyama City Family Park the next morning, and stop by a dam on our way back home. Yatsuo Dam was the first dam we visited that day.

to OsakaYao Citydevice for catching wild game, e.g. deer, boar, etc.There is a city called "Yatsuo", which is read as "Yatsuo". This Toyama CityYao Towneighteenth day of the eight month of the lunar calendaris also famous for the "Owara Kaze no Bon Festival," a folk song event representing Toyama Prefecture that takes place every year from September 1 to 3.

View of the embankment from the left bank

The weather was holding at the family park, but it started raining around the time we reached the dam. However, we found that we could only take pictures from this spot.

View of the embankment from the left bank
View of the embankment from the left bank

View of the embankment from the left bank

Instead of changing the angle, they just changed the height and width 😓.
It is mid-summer. The jungle-like weeds that have fully grown make it even more difficult to photograph. Incidentally, from this position, the right bank on the other side of the river is blocked by a gate.

View of the embankment from the left bank
View of the embankment from the left bank

The Yatsuo Dam is owned by the Toyama Prefectural Bureau of Public Enterprises and is dedicated to power generation. Water taken from the Yatsuo Dam produces up to 7,600 kW of electricity at the Yatsuo Power Station, located approximately 2.5 km downstream in a straight line. The Yatsuo Power Station appears to have been constructed as a reverse control power station.

The Yatsuo Dam is built on the Ida River, but on Google Maps it is labeled as the Muromaki River, not the Ida River. I wondered why, so I looked it up. In Gifu Prefecture, it is called the Harayama Main Valley, and when it enters Toyama Prefecture, it is called the Yatsuo Town, Toyama City.Ohnagatani (great-grandchildren)at largeIn the Oyasegawa district, the river seems to change its name to the Oyasegawa River, and in the Muromaki and Niho districts, it changes its name to the Muromaki River, which merges with the Nozumi River at Takakuma, Yatsuo Town, Toyama City, and becomes the Ida River.

It is common for large rivers that straddle prefectures, such as the Shinano and Chikugo Rivers, to change their names, but it seems unusual for names to change from district to district within the same city.

...and it was the Yao dam, which has more words than images.

Yao Dam Specifications

LocationYuzuki, Yatsuo Town, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
River NameJinzu River System Ida River
ObjectiveP(Power generation)
ModelG(gravity-fed concrete dam)
Bank height21m
Bank length82m
Dam volume15,000 m3
Watershed Area135.5 km2 (direct: 92.4 km2, indirect: 43 km2)
Reservoir area5 ha
Total storage capacity300,000m3
Effective water storage capacity211,000 m3
Dam operatorToyama prefecture (Hokuriku area)
Main body constructorKabushiki Kensetsu
Year of launch1961
Year Completed1963.
Name of Dam Lake-

Other facilities/observations

There is no parking, but there is space to manage to park.

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