GA (gravity arch dam)

Okayama Prefecture Dam

1879-Shinnarigawa River Dam / Okayama Prefecture

Interview Date: 2/18/2015 (Wed) The Shin Naruha River Dam is a gravity arch dam owned by the Chugoku Electric Power Co. and is responsible not only for supplying electricity to the rapidly developing postwar industrial area, but also for supplying water for industrial use. The Shin Naruha River Dam can be visited on weekdays with prior application, so fellow dam enthusiasts ...
Dam in Mie Prefecture

1312-Nanairo Dam

Date of interview: 3/24/2013 (Sun) Next to Okusato Dam, we visited Nanashiki Dam for our mission to pick up the dam enthusiasts' helmets that had been completed to Nanashiki Dam. The Nanashiki Dam is a power generation-only dam owned by J-Power Development Co.
Iwate Prefecture Dam

0247-Yuda Dam / Iwate Prefecture

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun) After the Ishibane Dam, the next stop is finally the Yuda Dam. The Yuda Dam, which I had longed to visit. My excitement was at its maximum at this time. View of the downstream embankment from the left bank. Personally, I think Yuda Dam is the best gravity arch dam...
Tochigi Prefecture Dam

0557-Naka Iwadamu

This is the next dam we visited after Imaichi Dam (0579-Imaichi Dam), but we could not find it right away, even though we had checked in advance that it was along the R121 (Kinu Bypass). It was not easy to find it, although I had previously checked that it was located along the R121 (Kinu Bypass). However, it is located far from the national highway and a short walk is required. / Gravity arch dam / 26.3m
Fukui Prefecture Dam

0940-Ishitoshiro Dam

Ishitashira Dam is a dedicated power generation dam for the J-Power Development Project and is one of the few gravity arch dams in Japan. There is a bridge downstream, from where you can see the dam directly in front of you. The mossy appearance of the dam gives it a nice flavor. The atmosphere is very nice. The sun was shining after the rain that day, but it made me forget the heat. / Gravity arch dam / 32m
Fukushima Prefecture Dam

0505-Otori Dam

Located downstream from Okutadami Dam, this is a dedicated power generation dam owned by J-Power Development. It is off-limits to the general public. We arrived at the Otori Dam on the back of a microbus provided by Power Supply Development Co. Again, I had not studied the dam beforehand, so I did not know the details of the dam. Although we could not see the entire embankment due to the power plant building, the solid appearance of the embankment is unique to the gravity-type arch. The white object hanging down from the right bank of the embankment is a hydraulic pipe for power generation. / Gravity arch dam / 83m
Kyoto Prefecture Dam

1405-Takayama Dam

The Takayama Dam is a gravity-type arch dam, which is rare in that it is both a gravity-type and arch-type dam. The embankment is quite thick, giving it an impressive sense of solidity. The words "manly" and "solid and sturdy" seem to fit the dam. This time, I came to see not only the dam but also the ume (plum) grove in Tsukigase, which is located upstream of the dam. / Gravity arch dam / 67m
Fukui Prefecture Dam


This is a rare gravity arch dam that combines an arch type and a gravity type, and serves as the lower regulating reservoir for pumped storage power generation with the Kuzuryu Dam. It is a dam with a solid appearance. / Gravity arch / 45.0m
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