Arakawa River System

Saitama Prefecture Dam

0642-Urayama Dam

Date:July 15, 2013 (Mon) I went from Arima Dam to Chichibu City to have lunch, but all the places were full, so I wandered up to Urayama Dam thinking that there would be something to eat while moving around. I went to the Urayama Dam with my family, but they said they would wait in the car, so I just went around to take pictures...
Saitama Prefecture Dam

0640-arima dam

Date of visit: 07/15/2013 (Monday) I stayed two nights in Tachikawa, Tokyo due to a dam mania exhibition at the Sagami Lake Exchange Center, and decided that it would be a waste to go home via Chichibu on the Chuo Expressway. The place...
Yamagata Prefecture Dam

0423-Akashiba Dam

Interview Date: 05/26/2013 (Sun) After Tainai No. 2 Dam, Oishi Dam, and Iwafune Dam, I finally landed in Yamagata Prefecture for the first time. To tell the truth, I wanted to visit the Yokogawa Dam, but I had to make the Akashiba Dam the last place I visited this time because I had to work the next day and had to travel to Aichi...
Niigata Prefecture Dam

0748-Iwafune Dam

Date of interview: 05/26/2013 (Sun.) After the Tainai No. 2 Dam and the Oishi Dam, we visited this Iwafune Dam. This is another power plant dam owned by Arakawa Hydroelectric Corporation, which generates hydroelectric power at the Oishi Power Station using the Oishi Dam as a reservoir. Incidentally, if you go from the Oishi Dam, you will see the Iwafune Dam at the hand...
Niigata Prefecture Dam

0775-Oishi Dam

After visiting the Tainai No. 2 Dam, the next dam I visited was the Oishi Dam. At the time, Prefectural Road No. 272 was closed to traffic, so we had no choice but to use National Road No. 290 and No. 113 as a detour, but it turned out to be quite a detour. The Oishi Dam is under the direct control of the Ministry of Land, Inf...
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