Dam log

I switched my car from an Extrail to a Sienta.

I switched my car from an Extrail to a Sienta. Dam log
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I have been driving an Extrail (T31/20GT) since July 2011, but after 12 years I finally switched to a new Sienta (10 series/HEV Z, 5 seats, 2WD)! Hi, it's time for the Dumb Log!

The car was ordered on November 6, 2022 and delivered on July 1, 2023, an agonizing eight months in fact.

At the time of delivery at the dealer.
At the time of delivery at the dealer.

Reason for transfer

Originally, in addition to the Extrail, we also had a March (K12) that was mainly driven by my wife, but it had a lower utilization rate and the automobile tax was higher than that of the larger displacement Extrail, and we felt that it was a waste to be paying only maintenance costs for it.

However, as for the March, it was a memento, so to speak, of my late father-in-law, and I came this far thinking for a long time that I could not bear to part with it. The tires were also in need of replacement.

March-kun and Maruyama Dam
March-kun and Maruyama Dam

And with my son now in high school, it was time to reevaluate our money plan with an eye toward his college education, and we had a simulation that by converting two cars into one, we could consolidate car tax, voluntary insurance, and car inspection fees, and reduce our expenses by 140,000-150,000 yen per year.

In addition, my personal Nissan brand value plummeted as I watched the former Nissan president, Mr. Ghosn, flee overseas. I felt ashamed just to own one. Furthermore, Nissan cars under the Ghosn administration were so cost-cut that when I drove in the rain, I could hear the sound of the tires "zinging" up water from the road surface from the rear tire house of the Extrail, and I felt that it was the cheapest thing I had ever heard.

Doji Dam and Extrail
Doji Dam and Extrail

In 2022, the engine area of the Extrail broke down, resulting in high repair bills, and the high maintenance costs of being a diesel were also a considerable obstacle.

Cars Considered

We considered various options. First was a MINI crossover. It was around December 2018 before Corona. The fact that I could easily get a BMW engine made it a prime candidate, and I even went to the dealer and test drove it, but when I saw the quote and came back to reality, I decided that no, now was not the time to buy a new one.

At a MINI dealership
At a MINI dealership

When the Corona was finally opened and re-considered, light cars such as Toyota's Rise, Suzuki's Wagon R Smile, and Daihatsu's Move Canvas were also candidates.

The new Extrail T33 was also launched with great anticipation, but I gave up on this one as well because the grade I wanted would easily exceed 5 million yen.


  1. Size
    It would be nice if my wife could drive an Extrail-sized car, but the roads around our house are too narrow and it would be difficult for her to drive a car that is not used to a large body, so we decided to go with a car that is under a 5-number size.
  2. (ordinary) passenger car
    We often saw crushed light cars in the news about accidents. We decided to go with a standard passenger car, judging that the risk of injury (or death) seemed higher than that of a standard car, even in a given accident.
  3. Bottom floor sliding door
    My mother-in-law has a bad leg and always had a hard time getting into her Extrail. My own mother's legs are still fine, but we decided to go with a sliding-door model with a bottom floor, anticipating that she would eventually have difficulty getting into a car with a higher ride height.
  4. new car
    Due to the Corona and the war in Ukraine, delivery times for new cars are longer and the market price of used cars has increased relative to the market price. I have decided that now is not the time to buy a used car and have decided to buy a new car. Used cars are not bad, but when I think about the recent Big Motor incident, I don't intend to buy a used car for a while longer.

After much consideration, we decided to go with Toyota Sienta.

After much hesitation, we decided to go with Toyota's new Sienta because it is a car that meets the above criteria. The reasons are as follows.

  • Cute design
    I didn't want to make a car that looked too ornate in anticipation of my wife's riding in it, and the cute design was a deciding factor.

    It is a copycat of a certain European car! However, if you look closely, you can see that not only the design but also the concept and target customers are different, so you can understand that this design was not the result of imitation.
  • A car that can be used for both disasters and overnight dam tours in a car
    There are two 100 VAC, 1500 W outlets in the car, and in addition, the car is equipped with a system that can supply power during disasters by stopping the driving function in the event of a disaster. The system can operate for approximately 5.5 days when a full tank of gasoline is used and 400W power consumption appliances are used.

    In addition, the Sienta has a lineup of 5- and 7-passenger vehicles. The 5-passenger model allows the rear seats to be almost fully flat, so we anticipate staying in the car at the destination we move to when evacuation activities are difficult in our home parking lot. We have a cat at home, but we are unable to bring the cat into the evacuation center. Also, only two of us can sleep lying down in the car, but we are thinking of, well, taking turns sleeping, one in a tent, etc.

    At the same time, we anticipate staying overnight in the car when touring dams in the future. Of course, we cannot leave the engine running when staying overnight in the car, so we purchased a portable power supply separately.
  • Excellent radar cruise control
    When you are touring a dam, it inevitably tends to be a long distance. The Extrail also had cruise control, but it was of an older generation and required the driver to step on the brake when the car in front slowed down. The Sienta has the latest radar cruise control with all-speed follow-on function and a stop-and-go function, which greatly contributes to reducing driving fatigue in traffic jams.

Also, when I was younger, I used to think that I would never buy a Toyota, but lately they are putting out more and more cars that appeal to me personally. And after having driven SUVs from CR-V to CR-V to Extrail, this is my first minivan type.

Grade, body color, options


The grade is the top-of-the-line Z grade, but this is the one I was told would have the fastest delivery time and the features I ended up wanting.

As mentioned above, we chose the 5-seater or the 7-seater because of its ability to be fully flat.

In addition, I had a hard time deciding whether to choose 2WD or 4WD until the very end, but since some of my dam enthusiast friends who live in Fukui and Ishikawa have 2WD, I chose 2WD as it would be enough to save money. I don't know because I haven't driven on snowy roads with the Sienta yet, but I don't think I got much benefit from 4WD in the Extrale or the CR-V before that.

body color

I knew this was the one from the moment I saw the commercial! It is called "Kakinta" in Twitter circles.


  • 23S: Accessory outlet (AC100V, 1500W / instrument panel 1, cargo area 1 / with emergency power supply system)
    The 100 VAC is immediately useful for charging the batteries of air-conditioned suits while moving around when I forget to charge them, or for securing a power source for Zoom meetings using a laptop computer in the car.
23S: Accessory outlet (AC100V, 1500W / instrument panel 1, cargo area 1 / with emergency power supply system)
  • 35B: ETC2.0 unit + drive recorder (front and rear)
    A drive recorder is now a necessity. However, I heard that the resolution of the Sienta's drive recorder is low unless the panoramic view is installed, so I regret a little that I was stingy and thought, "I don't need a panoramic view.
  • 41Z: 10.5-inch display audio (compatible with connected navigation system) Plus + TV (full-segment)
    There is also an 8-inch DA, but this one will no longer be usable as an in-vehicle navigation system after the 5-year free period of the Connected Navi, so we had to choose the 10.5-inch one out of necessity.
  • 55B: Cold climate specification
    Windshield deicer (heat wire on a part of windshield), door mirror heater, heated rear duct (warms rear seats), PTC heater (heats up in a short time), and other functions that solve problems during winter are only 20,900 yen (including tax), so I think there is no OP with such good cost performance. I don't think there is such a cost-effective OP. Those who live in areas where it rarely snows but temperatures are close to freezing or those who engage in winter sports should definitely install this product.
  • 70G: Fan Tool Package
    The OP says the interior will be khaki and the center pillar will be the same color as the body. The interior is available in black or bright cream-colored fromage, but I chose khaki because I thought that black would absorb heat and become hot in summer and fromage would get dirty easily. I didn't want to have hand marks on the center pillar when opening and closing the door with the standard plastic, so I installed this OP, which is the same color as the body.
  • 71M: Comfort Package (windshield green glass with UV-cut and IR-cut functions + heated seats + heated steering wheel)
    I live in an area where it is very hot in the summer and usually cold in the winter, so installing this OP was a must. I have not tried the heated seats and steering wheel yet because the car was delivered in the summer, but I feel that the sunlight is much lessened compared to the Extrale.
  • BHGU: Number frame set with anti-theft function (deluxe)
    When you add floor mats and side visors, the dealer will automatically set them. I don't feel good about having it stolen, even if it is a Sientra, and it wouldn't be bad to have it.
  • DQCU: LED fog lights (Yamabuki Yellow)
    I was told that the Sienta was selling well and that the body color Urban Khaki was selling well, so I chose this OP so that it would not look like any other owner's. By the way, Yamabuki Yellow is not the color of the lights, but the garnish.
DQCU: LED fog lights (Yamabuki Yellow)
  • A0AQ: Floor mat deluxe type for 2 rows
    I went with the OEM floor mats. I think third-party ones are good enough, but I end up going with the OEM ones.
  • K0QA: Side visor wide type
    I've always had a visor as well. I think it is something useful when you need additional ventilation from a location other than the outside air intake of the air conditioner on a rainy day.
  • P2BK: Back door accent molding
    This is another OP that I chose so as not to be seen with other owners. To be frank, it was introduced just for the sake of appearance.
P2BK: Back door accent molding
  • S0JB: Side emblem, Yamabuki Yellow
    This was another OP that I chose so as not to be seen with other owners, but in the end, "Urban khaki + Yamabuki yellow fog lights + Yamabuki yellow side emblems" was a common combination💦.
S0JB: Side emblem, Yamabuki Yellow

Options not introduced

  • ceiling circulator
    I wondered if it would be unnecessary for a 5-seater. I did not introduce it because I thought it would be unnecessary for a five-seater. I think it was a good decision not to introduce it.
  • aluminum wheel
    We did not dare to introduce aluminum wheels because the wheel caps on the standard steel chin wheels were uniquely designed and matched the body of the vehicle.
  • panoramic view monitor
    I didn't install the panoramic view monitor because I thought it would make me a poor parker, even though I am often called a "supportive many" for free. (Personal opinion.)
    However, after I learned that the resolution of the drive recorder was going to be increased, I lightly regret that I should have installed it.
  • nanoe X
    I have a job where I get sweaty by day, so I feel like I should install it if I think the inside of my car might eventually smell sweaty.... Well, but it didn't smell that bad in my Extrail, so I guess it's okay💦.

The best part of choosing Sienta

Extremely low fuel consumption

The Extrale's fuel tank capacity is 65 liters while the Sienta's is 40 liters. Despite this, depending on driving conditions, both can travel 800 km or more, which is a great potential for dam enthusiasts who often drive medium to long distances.

The price per liter for EXTRAIL is low because it is diesel fuel, but the price per kilometer driven is 8 to 10 yen, while the price per kilometer driven for Sienta is 7 to 8 yen.

Fast and responsive driving

I thought it would be inefficient for driving on mountain passes, but this is not the case at all. The response when turning the steering wheel is superb, and the power of the engine and motor is great when accelerating on a slope.

I liked the torquey ride of the Extrale, but although the Sienta lacked torque, its powerful and racy ride was quite pleasant.

I was also surprised to see that the car, which had a full load of five people on it the other day, climbed uphill without running out of breath, even though the engine roared a little bit.

Air conditioner can be operated with a smartphone.

You must pay 220 yen per month, but the air conditioner can be activated remotely using the "My TOYOTA+" smartphone application. You can cancel the service at any time, so it is helpful if you only need to pay the fee during hot or cold weather.

However, it is useless in places where there is no signal, so it may be useless when touring dams... 😅

Also, when starting up, it is slow and unresponsive, so I would like to see improvements in this area. I think this is a great feature.

What didn't work for me with the Sienta

The car navigation system is a bit silly...

They detour you around strange places, they don't recognize the top of the dam as a road, they try to make you turn right at busy unsignalized intersections...things that never happened with the Extrale's car navigation system are happening so frequently that I am not sure what the future holds for us.

I'm going to be a bad driver.

Anyway, the Sienta has a lot of support, which is one of its charms, but on the other hand, I have a feeling that too much support might make me a poor driver. I am a bit annoyed because there are times when the driver steps on the brake without my permission, which I would never step on if I were the driver (or, more correctly, the brake is applied). I could just turn off the function, but I feel that I would regret it if I could not take advantage of the function when the time comes...

That's about the only thing wrong with it so far, so I have no regrets at all about purchasing it.

External parts introduced after delivery of the Sienta

I have just purchased a new car and have installed a variety of external components. I hope this will be of some help to you.

In-vehicle Tablet Holder (Drink Holder Fixed Type) CAR-HLD14BK

The pocket next to the shift lever is where I put my phone, but I wanted to be able to glance at it when notifications came in, so I bought this and installed it. iPhone 13 Pro Max would have fallen off if it wasn't as solid as this, but it was originally designed for a tablet, so it holds it very securely. It is made with a tablet in mind, so it holds it very firmly.

The arm can be extended and angled, so it would be nice to be able to do live-streaming while driving...but a gimbal might be better than this.

In-vehicle Tablet Holder (Drink Holder Fixed Type) CAR-HLD14BK

FJ CRAFT Luggage mat

I decided to use an external luggage mat. I chose the rubber type because I will be using it very hard with power tools, compost, cement bags, gravel, harvest baskets, and so on... Anyway, it was made rather hard. FJ CRAFT seems to have a good reputation and sell well for external floor mats, and a follower of mine who recently took delivery of his car said he chose one from the same manufacturer.

FJ CRAFT Luggage mat

Next Generation Smartphone Coating Smartphone Mamoru-kun

I bought it before I took delivery of my car after seeing tweets and YouTube videos from various Sienta owners. I applied it not only to the display audio screen, but also to the piano black areas around the air conditioner control panel and shift lever. I honestly don't know how well it works because I haven't been able to compare the results with the results without applying it 💦.

Next Generation Smartphone Coating Smartphone Mamoru-kun

Toray Tablet Cleaning Cloth K2520-TRYTB-G101

I purchased this product as a set with Smartphone Mamoru-kun. It is quite useful because the screen, which is covered with fingerprints, is cleaned up immediately.

3-tier MY desk anywhere

When working with a laptop computer in the car, I used to operate it on my lap, but this position is also hard. I was thinking it would be nice to have a table while sitting in the back seat, and there it is. I can also use a mouse, so my work efficiency has greatly improved.

I like the idea of using it as a table for overnight stays in the car.

3-tier MY desk anywhere

WAKO'S SH-R Super Hard Durable Coating Agent for Uncoated Resin

The Sienta is a vehicle body with many resin parts anyway. I did not have the entire body coated due to budget constraints, but I thought the resin parts would be prone to deterioration, so I took the plunge and purchased the coating myself, at least for that part. However, it is too hot in the summer to do anything but wash the car, so I will take my time to apply the coating after the weather cools down.

Looking at online evaluations and other information, it seems that Wako's is indeed a Wako's company, and the effectiveness of the product is quite promising.

I really want to install the barrier coat myself, but I am reluctant to do so because I am afraid I will fail.

Pro Staff Gorilla Hands

I bought this car wash tool because I had washed my Extrail so roughly that it had a lot of scratches, but this time I wanted to do it properly. I thought about buying a high-pressure washer such as Kärcher, but decided against it.

I decided to try this "Gorilla's Hand" because I saw on blogs and YouTube from car wash professionals and others that it is good to gently wipe dirt with a microfiber towel while running water. Basically, I think I can wash without scrubbing.

The only thing that is a bit of a drawback is that the twisted process produces a black lint-like substance that comes out.

Toyota Genuine Leather Key Case Series 90 Noah Voxy Series 10 Sienta Key Cover Leather

I had been using the key in the plastic bag it came in when I took delivery of the car, but I bought a key case because I thought it would indeed be torn up and that it would get scratched this time if I took it out of the plastic bag. It was very difficult to put it in, but I managed to fit it in.

USB-A to USB Type-C Conversion Adapter

The Sienta has a USB charging terminal, but it is Type-C. The iPhone charging cable I have is Type-A, so I went to the trouble of buying a conversion adapter. However, recently there are cables that can change between A and C with a cap, so I might as well use that one.

Extension Hooks & Lashing Belts

There are M6 utility holes in the luggage of Sienta. If you attach hooks to these holes, you can secure luggage in the luggage. There are Toyota's genuine hooks, but they cost 3,850 yen for two, and I heard that Daihatsu's assembly parts are available on Amazon for about 600 yen, but they are sold out... I had no choice but to buy Aemon's extension hooks and lashing belt at a local home improvement center. I bought extension hooks and lashing belts from a local home improvement center and installed them.

extension hook

I would like to do something more about this, but for now it is a good thing that the basket can be fixed and does not move from place to place while driving.

Luggage secured with lashing belt

Portable Power Supply Anker 757 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 1229Wh)

We purchased a portable power supply as part of our disaster prevention measures, but also for the purpose of using it when staying overnight in the car with the Sienta. Although it weighs approximately 20 kg, it is chosen because it is a lithium iron phosphate battery with little deterioration even under high temperatures and because it can also be used as a power source for a refrigerator.

We have not put it into actual use yet, but we think it could fit between the front and rear seats for overnight stays in the car.

Incidentally, Amazon usually offers a tremendous discount on Prime Day, so I bought it with a keen eye on the timing.

Portable Power Supply Anker 757 Portable Power Station

Hataya Cord Reel

This is also part of our disaster preparedness. The Sienta has an emergency power feed system, and I bought it with the intention of running my refrigerator and other appliances from it. Fortunately, we haven't put it into practice yet, but we have to test run it somewhere.

Sienta and dam

So, more than a month and a half has already passed since the delivery of the car, and the mileage is about to reach 5,000 kilometers. The pace is much faster than I had expected, but I have been enjoying myself since the day after I took delivery of the car, touring around dams and taking pictures.

Kawakami Dam and Sienta
Kawakami Dam and Sienta
Seirenji Dam and Sienta
Seirenji Dam and Sienta
Uetsu Dam and Sienta
Uetsu Dam and Sienta
Daikado Dam and Sienta
Daikado Dam and Sienta
Akase Dam and Sienta
Akase Dam and Sienta

Anyway, the Sienta is cute, runs well, is full of features, and entertains me in many ways. If you see this buddy of mine at the dam, please say hello.

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