Okayama Prefecture Dam

1880-Tabara Dam / Okayama Prefecture

1880-Tabara Dam / Okayama Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Dam
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Date of interview: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Shin Naruha River Dam's reservoir is used as the upper reservoir for pumped-storage power generation, and the Tahara Dam is located in the lower reservoir. On this day, I visited the Shin Naruha River Dam with my friends and then moved on to another dam, so I did not observe the dam in detail, but took this photo from along the prefectural road.

Looking downstream from the prefectural road on the left bank
Looking downstream from the prefectural road on the left bank

Sorry for the photos, they were taken from almost the same position 💦.

Looking downstream from the prefectural road on the left bank (zoomed in a little)
Looking downstream from the prefectural road on the left bank (zoomed in a little)

The Tahara Dam has six radial gates balanced on the crest. The two gates in the middle seemed to be under renovation.

crest gate
crest gate

On the right bank is the Tahara Power Plant of the Chugoku Electric Power Co. In addition to pumped-storage power generation, the plant also produces dam-type power generation.

Tahara Power Plant of Chugoku Electric Power Co.
Tahara Power Plant of Chugoku Electric Power Co.

The discharge channel of the Tahara Power Station is a bit strange: instead of flowing immediately downstream of the power station, it is tunneled underground and discharged approximately 1.4 km downstream. It is a bit of a mystery why they went to the trouble of doing this.

Tahara Power Plant Spillway
Tahara Power Station Discharge Channel (taken from a GSI map and processed on this site)

I can't deny that it is a little on the indigestion side since I only photographed this much, but I would definitely like to revisit if I have the chance to visit the area again.

Tahara Dam Specifications

LocationHigashi Yuno, Bicchu-cho, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture
River NameTakahashi River System Nariwa River
ObjectiveP(Power generation)
ModelG (Gravity Concrete)
Bank height41m
Bank length206m
Dam volume112,000 m3
Watershed Area631.4 km2
Reservoir area40 ha
Total storage capacity7,620,000 m3
Effective water storage capacity5,740,000 m3
Dam operatorThe Chugoku Electric Power Co.
Main body constructorTaisei Corporation
Year of launch-
Year Completed1968.
Name of Dam Lake-

Other facilities/observations

Parking lot×
PR Exhibition Hall×
Viewing platform×

Map around Tahara Dam

Weather around Tahara Dam

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