Nagano Prefecture Dam

1033-Yokogawa Dam / Nagano Pref.

Nagano Prefecture Dam
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Sudden New Year's Day 2003dam tourThe second of the "2", Yokogawa Dam

Location: Aza Iriya, Oaza Yokogawa, Tatsuno-cho, Kamiina-gun, Nagano

View of the flood discharge from the top

The second dam in the "2003 Sudden New Year's Day Dam Tour" is the Yokogawa Dam.

To reach Yokogawa Dam, head toward Prefectural Route 201 at the traffic light near Shinano-Kawashima Station on the JR Chuo Main Line along Route 153 (Sanshu-kaido). The rest of the way is straight. It is quite deep in the mountains, so the snow was indeed deep.

View of the flood discharge from the top

View of the embankment from the left bank

No one is there.... At most, one neighbor was walking around.

View of the embankment from the left bank

View of the embankment from the left bank

The dam lake is frozen solid. It looks thickly frozen, but I think it is actually thin, so skating is definitely not allowed. Even though it was frozen, the water was discharged from the gate.

View of the embankment from the left bank

Yokogawa Dam Specifications

form (something takes)gravity-fed concrete dam
ObjectiveFlood control, agricultural disaster prevention, unspecified water, river maintenance water
Bank height41m
Bank length282m
levee length and width5m
Dam volume105,000 m3
Elevation of non-overflow areaEL.918.6m
Foundation bedrock elevationEL.877.6m
Watershed Area38.8km2
Reservoir area14 ha
Total storage capacity1,860,000 m3
Effective water storage capacity1,570,000 m3
Name of Dam LakeLake Yokogawa
emergency flood discharge18 gates x 8.5m (natural overflow by crest)
ordinary flood discharge3.75m x 2.4m (natural overflow with orifice)
conduit gateΦ400mm
River NameTenryu River System Yokogawa River
Year of launch1972
Year Completed1986

Other facilities/observations

I don't know if there was a parking lot because it was covered with snow.... There was a place to park, so I did.
I am not sure if it was a parking lot or not.
But I put a "circle" on it just in case.

Parking lot
PR Exhibition Hall×
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