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A dam tour is a visit to several dams. (It is (mainly) a term for dam enthusiasts. In most cases, you can reach several dams by going upstream on the main stream and tributaries of a river. The Oigawa and Tenryu Rivers in Shizuoka Prefecture have so many dams that they are called "dam heaven," and it may take a whole day to visit them, or even longer in some cases.

In the case of Kamima, when there were few dam-related websites around the year 2000, you could open a map and see the dam.Lake-like placeAlthough the goal was todam handbookand websites of dam enthusiasts, as well as by Mr. Takane.DamMapsThe information is now more complete and there is no shortage of information for dam tours due to the

However, it should be noted that there are some dams (in some cases, data is available but the actual dam does not exist...) whose location has not been identified, as is particularly the case with earth dams.

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