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Okayama Prefecture Dam

1873-Kawamoto Dam / Okayama Prefecture

Date of visit: 2/18/2015 (Wed) After a thorough tour of the Shin Naruha River Dam and a quick visit to the Tahara Dam, we came to the Kawamoto Dam, which is operated by Okayama Prefecture. Kawamoto Dam is a hollow gravity concrete dam that is used for flood control, power generation, and industrial water supply to the Mizushima Coastal Industrial Zone...
Okayama Prefecture Dam

1879-Shinnarigawa River Dam / Okayama Prefecture

Interview Date: 2/18/2015 (Wed) The Shin Naruha River Dam is a gravity arch dam owned by the Chugoku Electric Power Co. and is responsible not only for supplying electricity to the rapidly developing postwar industrial area, but also for supplying water for industrial use. The Shin Naruha River Dam can be visited on weekdays with prior application, so fellow dam enthusiasts ...
Okayama Prefecture Dam

1905-Chiya Dam / Okayama Pref.

Date of interview: 2/18/2015 (Wed.) On this day, we were invited to go see the Shin Naruha River Dam together, and we stopped by the Senya Dam on the way. It looks like a direct-controlled dam because of its gorgeous equipment, but it is a Okayama Prefecture-owned dam. The time was around 7:40 in the morning. It was a sleet...
Okayama Prefecture Dam

1909-Tomata Dam

Date of interview: 12/10/2014 (Wednesday) TomadaWe arrived at this Tomada Dam just a short distance from the Tomada Kurambe Dam. This was the eighth dam of the day. I had always wanted to visit the dam after seeing photos taken by others, but finally got to see it for the first time...
Okayama Prefecture Dam

3327-Tomata Anbu Dam

Date: 12/10/2014 (Wed) I stopped by the Tomada Saddle Dam because I wanted to see one dam before the Tomada Dam, one of the main dams of the day. A saddle is a depression in a mountain ridge like a horse's saddle.
Ehime Dam

2243-Yanase Dam / Ehime, Japan

Date of visit: 3/1/2014 (Sat.) From Shingu Dam, we came via National Route 319, which runs along the reservoir, to Yanase Dam, which is located upstream. In Shikoku, there is a dam in Tokushima, which is also pronounced "Yanase," so you may wonder "Which one is it? I was not sure which one it was....
Ehime Dam

2267-Shingu Dam

On this day, I came to Shikoku to participate in the "Meeting in Praise of the Hayamaura Dam" organized by dam enthusiast Yajaku-san. The Shingu Dam was built on the Doyama River, a tributary of the Yoshino River...
Dam in Mie Prefecture

1317-Kimigano Dam

Date of report:2013/07/06 (Sat) On this day, my family and I went for a drive to Anno Dam, and then visited this Kimigano Dam. In fact, the Kimigano Dam is one of the dams that I have not been able to visit despite the fact that it is relatively close by. On the way from Anno Dam to Kimigano Dam, we visited the Kumozu...
Fukui Prefecture Dam

0951-Masutani Dam

Date of visit:2013/04/29 (Mon.) We moved from the Futatsuya Diversion Weir to the Masudani Dam. We were told in advance at the Hirono Dam management office that the road on the right bank of the Masudani Dam was closed due to construction, so we visited the dam from the left bank first. The Masudani Dam was constructed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of...
Fukui Prefecture Dam

3328-Futatsuya Bunksuizui Weir / Fukui Prefecture

Date of interview: 2013/04/29 (Mon.) The name "Futatsuya Diversion Weir" makes it sound like a weir rather than a dam, but it is a magnificent dam with an embankment height of 24.7m. It is located upstream of Hirono Dam. On the local signboard, the embankment is described as a "diversion works. Therefore, it is also called Futatsuya Diversion Works...
Fukui Prefecture Dam

0945-Hirono Dam/Hirono Dam

Date of interview: 2013/04/29 (Mon.) It was seven years ago, so I have completely forgotten why I went to Hirono Dam on that day, but I think it was probably because I stopped by for a day trip drive during Golden Week. View of the downstream embankment from the right bank Hirono Dam...
Dam in Miyagi Prefecture

0292-Ookura Dam

After leaving the Naruko Dam, we visited the Okura Dam, one of only two multiple arch dams in Japan. The other multiple arch dam is the Toyotoshi Pond Dam in Kagawa Prefecture, and this completes the list of dams of this type. The Okura Dam is the only one of its kind in Japan.
Akita Dam

0394-Tamagawa Dam

Date of report:2012/9/16 (Sun.) After traveling further north from the Armorhata Dam, we came to the Tamagawa Dam. There is another dam of the same name in Ehime Prefecture, but this one is under the direct control of Akita Prefecture. Incidentally, as of January 2020, nearly seven and a half years after my visit, the Tamagawa Dam is the most ...
Dam in Aichi Prefecture

1225-Ono Headworks

Date of interview: 2012/08/05 (Sun) The Ono Headworks is responsible for taking in up to 30 m3/s of water from the Uren Dam and Oshima Dam as its water source. A "headworks" is an intake or weir structure used to take in water from a river, mainly for agricultural use. The headworks are 15...
Nara Prefecture Dam

1579-Otaki Dam

Date of interview: 2012/03/31 (Sat) Construction of the Otaki Dam began in 1962, but when a crack was found in the upstream area during a test flooding in 2003, just before its completion, the test flooding was suspended. The completion of the dam was postponed. The test flooding itself was to confirm that there were no abnormalities in the dam itself or the surrounding area...
Fukuoka Prefecture Dam

2439-Inunaki Dam

Location: 72-2 Nibanno, Inunaki, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan Date of interview: 06/13/2011 (Monday) There is no apparition at the Inunaki Dam. There is no such thing in this article. If you came here expecting that, please back up your browser now. I was disturbing the locals with my test of courage...
Hyogo Prefecture Dam

1479-Hikihara Dam

Hikihara Dam is a Hyogo Prefecture-owned gravity concrete dam located in Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture. The dam site is equipped with a parking lot. Valuable remains from the time of construction have been preserved and can be viewed freely. The embankment can be seen from downstream, so it is a highly recommended dam. / Gravity concrete dam / 66m
Dam in Tottori Prefecture

2931-dono dam/tonodamu

Tono Dam, located in Tottori Prefecture, is a multi-purpose rock-fill dam under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Its main features are a cascade-type flood discharge and an airlock-type continuous siphon intake system. We visited the dam site six hours after receiving information that the test discharge was about to start, but unfortunately it was a day too early and we were not allowed to enter the dam site.... / Rockfill dam / 75m
Dam in Mie Prefecture

1325-Komonochi Regulating Pond

The Komono Regulating Pond is a dam located in the central part of the Mie Irrigation Canal managed by the Japan Water Agency. It is an important dam that supplies water to the cities and towns of Yokkaichi, Suzuka, and Komono, along with agricultural water to the Takeya Canal, while conducting water from the Nakasato Dam and storing water from the Tamitsu River, Mitaki River, Uchina River, and Mimai River and delivering it to the main canals downstream / earth dam / 28.4m / 28.4m / 28.4m / 28.4m / Earth dam / 28.4m
Dam in Kochi Prefecture

2322-Sameura Dam

For me, this place could be a sacred place. The Hayamoura Dam was the object of my highest longing. It reminded me of the time when I first became a dam maniac and had my heart set on the Kurobe Dam (Toyama). However, unlike those days, I have seen many dams, but this is the legendary Hayamyoura Dam. I can't help but be reminded of it. / Gravity concrete dam / 106m
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