Fukuoka Prefecture Dam

2446-Nagatani Dam / Fukuoka, Japan

2446-Nagatani Dam Fukuoka Prefecture Dam
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Location: Aza Takamichi, Oaza Kashii, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Date of interview: Sunday, August 08, 2010

View of the levee from the left bank on the downstream side

The Hase Dam is a water supply dam operated by Fukuoka City and serves as an important water reservoir for Fukuoka citizens.
At first I thought it was "Hasedam", but it turned out to be "Nagatani Dam". There are other dams in Hyogo and other prefectures with the same form and different syllabary, so it is a bit confusing. In fact, I mistook it for the Hase Dam in Hyogo Prefecture and thought it was a pumping-type dam dedicated to power generation.

Fixed foundation stone on the left bank

Visited in mid-summer, and it was just hot! The cornerstone looks hot too!

View of the top edge from the left bank

The top end is open to automobile traffic. Somehow it looks like there might be runners at night...

View of the dam lake from the top

The dam lake is called "Mikazuki Lake," but "Mikazuki no Umi" is correct, not "Mikazuki Ko.
The name of the dam lake is a mystery because I thought the dam lake was in the shape of a crescent moon, but it is not.

Incidentally, "mikazuki ko" is a completely different thing: "When a meandering river changes its channel due to long-term erosion or other effects, the old river channel is left behind and becomes a pond or lake" (Wikipedia).

View of the management facility from the top

It appears to be an unmanned facility.

View of the reduction work from the top edge

This is a convex abatement. There is what looks like a water reservoir on the upper left of the reduction wall and further left, but what is it?

View downstream from the top

Continuing ahead, the Sanyo Shinkansen and the Kyushu Expressway can be seen.

View of the embankment from the right bank on the dam lake side

It looks like the water level is quite high!

View of the flood discharge on the lake side of the dam from the promenade on the left bank

The left bank is a boardwalk that is accessible only on foot. Even though it was a rather hot day, there were a few people walking along. And when I looked at the flood discharge, the water level was almost ready to discharge!

View of the embankment on the lake side of the dam from the promenade on the left bank

But I guess the water supply alone is enough to throw up....

Hydraulic iron pipe?

Since the catchment area of this dam is only 1.8 km2, water is pumped from the Tadara intake plant downstream for storage. The photo is probably a water hydraulic pipe for this purpose.

View of the levee from the road on the left bank

Continue downstream. On foot...
It's already hot, hot and sweaty, but we're here in our 2-ton long car, so we have to walk!

View of the levee from the park downstream

And finally, we arrived downstream.
Well, it was hot!
But I couldn't get to the nadir and this is the limit...
Then it was back on foot again to the skyline....

dam characteristics

River NameTara River system Hase River
Objectivewater for drinking water
Modelgravity-fed concrete dam
Bank height53.8m
Bank length159m
Dam volume136,000m3
Watershed Area94.8km2
Reservoir area33ha
Total storage capacity4,920,000m3
Effective water storage capacity4,850,000m3
Dam operatorFukuoka City
Main body constructorTobishima, Mitsui, Takenaka, Matsumoto
Year of launch1978
Year Completed1993
Name of Dam LakeLake Mikazuki (Mikazuki no Umi)

Other facilities/observations

There is a parking space on the left bank of the Tenbata level. It is very close to the Fukuoka Interchange, so you can easily come here.

Parking lot
PR Exhibition Hall×

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