HG (Hollow Gravity Concrete Dam)

Okayama Prefecture Dam

1873-Kawamoto Dam / Okayama Prefecture

Date of visit: 2/18/2015 (Wed) After a thorough tour of the Shin Naruha River Dam and a quick visit to the Tahara Dam, we came to the Kawamoto Dam, which is operated by Okayama Prefecture. Kawamoto Dam is a hollow gravity concrete dam that is used for flood control, power generation, and industrial water supply to the Mizushima Coastal Industrial Zone...
Niigata Prefecture Dam

0762-Uchinokura Dam

Date of interview:2013/05/25 (Sat) I came to Uchikura Dam after Shimojogawa Dam, Hayadegawa Dam, and Agegawa Dam. The main event of this visit was to attend the wedding ceremony of a fellow dam member. The wedding ceremony was held in the embankment of Uchikura Dam, a wonderful event....
Dam in Kochi Prefecture

2317-Anauchi River Dam

Date of interview: 10/11/2019 (Friday) I originally came here to participate in the tour of the Anauchi River Dam, but I visited here to see the dam in advance, as a wild dam lover's intuition that I would not be able to act freely during the tour, or perhaps as a preview, or a location scouting exercise.... I visited the dam to see it beforehand...
Dam in Kochi Prefecture

2311-Omori River Dam

Date of interview: 10/12/2019 (Sat) I came to Shikoku to participate in a tour of the Anauchi River Dam, and since I don't often come to Shikoku, I carefully planned my visit to the dam and came to the Omorigawa Dam. However, the Omorigawa Dam is a dam that is difficult to conquer for those in the know. The reason why is...
Off-line meeting/event report

Season for Familiarization with Forests and Lakes 2009 - Yokoyama Dam

The "Season for Familiarization with Forests and Lakes" refers to the period (from July 21 to 31 every year) during which the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Forestry Agency, and the Japan Water Agency began to promote awareness of dams, dam lakes, and water sources. In 2009, however, dam enthusiasts from all over the country gathered for the event in particular. There is no reason not to go to this one. This article reports on a tour inside the dike of Yokoyama Dam.
Dam in Gifu Prefecture

1106-Takane No.2 Dam / Gifu Prefecture

It can be found by driving National Route 361 east of Akigami Dam or west of Takane No. 1 Dam. The lower part of the dam is used for pumped storage power generation between the Takane No. 1 Dam and the Akigami Dam. / Hollow gravity concrete / 69m
Dam in Gifu Prefecture

1096-Yokoyama Dam

Get off at the Ogaki IC of the Meishin Expressway, drive north on Route 258, turn left at the intersection with Route 21, turn right at the Kawama intersection, continue north on Route 417, turn left at the Showa-machi intersection, and now continue north on Route 303. Turn left at the Showa-machi intersection and continue north on Route 303, passing the Kuse Village Office and Kuse Dam. / Hollow gravity concrete / 80.8m
Shizuoka Prefecture Dam

1168-Hatanagi Daiichi Dam

The twilight-colored embankment makes one imagine the world of Hades. When we reached the Hatanagi No. 1 Dam, the surroundings were completely tinted in twilight, and we were finally at the end of our tour of dams on the Oigawa River system. The dam tour of the Oigawa River system finally comes to an end. The dusk-colored embankment makes me imagine the world of Hades. I wonder if I'll ever go to the other side of the world to see a dam. / Hollow gravity concrete dam / 125m
Shizuoka Prefecture Dam

1167-Hatanagi No.2 Dam

Tennozan Dam on the Oigawa River. It is endlessly far away. And the road is endlessly bad. Therefore, driving fatigue reaches its peak when you reach here, so if you feel even a little tired, be sure to take a break! Since the road is not connected, you will have to make a U-turn at the Hatanagi No. 1 Dam ahead. You will have to return to the rough road you just came from, so you need to be prepared for that when you get here. You are on your own no matter what happens... / Hollow gravity concrete dam / 69m
Shizuoka Prefecture Dam

1162-Ikawa Dam

Oigawa Cathedral "Igawa Dam". The Igawa Dam is the first hollow gravity concrete dam in Japan and the second-highest embankment dam of its type after the Hatanagi No. 1 Dam. / Hollow gravity concrete / 103.6m
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