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Order-made mail order of "Release Attention Slobberdropper" is now being accepted at Maniaparel!

Dam News
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Maniaparel is now accepting orders for the "Caution against Discharging Water" slobber pendants that were sold out at the Dam Mania exhibition held last month. They will produce the product when they receive 20 offers, but as of 8/27, they have 13 offers, and they need the remaining 7 offers.

This "discharge attention slobber pail" is a product that can be used not only by infants, but also by dogs and cats. ↓ Like this!

Photo courtesy of the Cat Resources Organization.

Product Details

Size: One size only
Color: Black & White
Material and size: 100% cotton ・Total length 31 (body length 16) x width 20|For babies
Amount: 2,880 yen (including tax and shipping)

If you missed out on getting one at the Dam Mania exhibition, if you gave up considering it but still can't give up, if you or your relatives are expecting a baby soon, if you want to try it on your dog or cat, etc., please take this opportunity to order one!

Click here to order. http://blog.livedoor.jp/r2koba/archives/68777846.html

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