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Damapedia Facebook Page 1000 Likes! Achievement & Year-end gift campaign!

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A little while ago, DamPedia's Facebook page reached 1,000 likes! Thanks to your support, the Damapedia Facebook page has reached 1,000 likes!

Here we go again in December, and here's to next year, 2019! So, like the Damapedia Facebook page! and apply through this campaign page, we will draw 10 winners of the "2019 Calendar specially made by the Yoshino River Headquarters of the Japan Water Agency" and 3 winners of the "Discharge Caution Pin Badge"!

Present prizes

A] 10 winners of a 2019 calendar specially made by the Yoshino River Headquarters of the Japan Water Agency

Yoshino River Headquarters, Japan Water AgencyThe 2018 calendar is available in PDF format on the Yoshinogawa HQ website, and the design seems to follow that of the 2018 calendar. The cover of the 2019 calendar has the photo that was talked about on Twitter. We dare to make a mosaic of it, but you will have to wait until you receive it to see if it will be published on the Yoshinogawa HQ's website!

The back side looks like this. It looks handmade, but we believe this is due to thorough cost reduction. (I sometimes think it's hard because when you spend a lot of money, you get a lot of complaints here and there.)

By the way, the size is A3.

B] Discharge caution pin badge for 3 persons

This is the "Beware of Discharge" pin badge that was previously sold on Mr. Miyajima's website "Dam Mania". The size is 15mmx15mm, and it has a butterfly-shaped clutch.

I always wear it when I wear a jacket. By the way, this logo was designed by me.

Application Requirements

How to apply

Like" the Damapedia Facebook page and then apply using the application form below. If you have already "Liked" our Facebook page If you have already "Liked" the Damapedia Facebook page, you are eligible to apply.

Like us! button below if you have not already done so. button below if you have not already done so.

Application Period

Sunday, December 2, 2018 - Friday, December 21, 2018 23:59

announcement of winning a prize or place (in a contest)

The announcement will be made upon delivery of the prizes.

Application Form

We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for all the applications!

Campaign Notes

  • Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the winners by phone, e-mail, social networking sites, etc.
  • Winners will be notified by "info@dampedia.com". If you have set your domain to block incoming mail, please make sure that you can receive "@dampedia.com".
  • Entries are limited to those whose prize delivery address (address) is within Japan.
  • No transfer or redemption to a third party is allowed.
  • The prizes may differ from those shown in the photographs. Please note that prizes are subject to change for unavoidable reasons.
  • The delivery date of the prizes cannot be specified.
  • The shipment of prizes may be delayed slightly due to various reasons.
  • Please note that any personal information you provide when submitting your entry or sending prizes will only be used for the purpose of this campaign.
  • Like" the Damapedia Facebook page before the prize is shipped. If you remove your "Like" from the Damapedia Facebook page before the prize is sent out, the prize will be voided.
  • If we are unable to send you the winning e-mail due to incomplete registration information or other reasons, your winning e-mail will be invalidated.
  • If you do not enter the necessary information for prize delivery by the deadline, if the information entered is incorrect, or if you are absent for an extended period of time, the prize cannot be delivered, your prize will be invalidated.
  • Please note that we will not be held responsible in the event that you are unable to submit your entry due to system failure or other reasons, or if your entry is invalidated as a result of such failure.
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  1. Thank you for all the entries! We will now begin the drawing process. Thank you very much for your continued support of Dampedia.

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