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[Flash Report] Japan Dam Awards 2018 Results!

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The Japan Dam Awards 2018 were held on Saturday, December 22 at Tokyo Culture Culture in Shibuya, where the awards for discharge, lighting, low water management, event, flood control, and dam grand prize were announced.

Let's start with the nominations for each award.

■Discharge Award Nominee Nominee

  1. Tsugaru Dam (Aomori Prefecture)
  2. Tomigo Dam (Ehime Prefecture)
  3. Ichiko Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
  4. Hikihara Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
  5. Miharu Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  6. Kanadechi Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
  7. Kamabusa Dam (Miyagi Prefecture)
  8. Takizawa Dam (Saitama Prefecture)
  9. Chikari Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
  10. Naruko Dam (Miyagi Prefecture)

■Light Up Award Nominee

  1. Nakasuji River Dam (Kochi Prefecture)
  2. Kodama Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  3. Asahi Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  4. Hayamoura Dam (Kochi Prefecture)
  5. Surigamigawa Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  6. Takato Dam (Nagano Prefecture)
  7. Miharu Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  8. Ootari Dam (Kochi Prefecture)
  9. Kosatogawa Dam (Gifu Prefecture)
  10. Tsugaru Dam (Aomori Prefecture)

■Low Water Management Award Nominations

  1. Minase Dam (Akita Prefecture)
  2. Mizukubo Dam (Yamagata Prefecture)
  3. Shingu River Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
  4. Tochigahara Dam and Gotani Dam (Niigata Prefecture)
  5. Five dams in northern Okinawa (Henoki Dam, Fugawa Dam, Anba Dam, Shinkawa Dam, and Fukuchi Dam/Okinawa Prefecture)

■Event Award Nominee

  1. Sonohara Dam (Gunma Prefecture)
  2. Gojuri Dam (Tochigi Prefecture)
  3. Susohana Dam and Okusohana Dam (Nagano Prefecture)
  4. Yokosegawa Dam (Kochi Prefecture)
  5. Ohara Dam (Shimane Prefecture)
  6. Amagase Dam (Kyoto Prefecture)

■Flood Control Award Nominations

  1. Haizuka Dam & Doji Dam (Hiroshima Prefecture)
  2. Hikihara Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
  3. Iwaya Dam (Gifu Prefecture)

■Results announced

Discharge Award (Which dam had the most impressive discharge?)Chikari Dam (Hyogo Prefecture)
The Chikkari Dam discharge is not that unusual, but the clean discharge won the prize.

Light-up Award (Which dam had the most impressive light-up?)Asahi Dam (Fukushima Prefecture)
The first dam managed by a public company won the award. Unlike other dams, the illumination was impressive.

Low Water Management Award (Which dam did the most impressive drought-fighting?)5 dams in northern Okinawa (Okinawa Prefecture)
The people of Okinawa Prefecture worked together to save water at the dam.

Event Award (Which dam held the most fan-pleasing event?): Yokosegawa Dam (Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
The award was given to a dam that is still under construction but has gradually been booked up with more and more participants.

Flood Control Award (Which dam has done the most impressive battle against heavy rainfall?)Iwaya Dam (Gifu Prefecture, Japan)
The award was won by the technical capabilities of the Japan Water Agency.

2018 Dam Awards (Which dam did people remember most this year?) :Iwaya Dam (Gifu Prefecture)
The dam was awarded for fighting through several days of torrential rain.

We would like to thank Mr. Hagiwara and the other presenters who organized the event, the backyard tabulators, and the selection committee for their hard work. Thank you very much.

Please refer to the official website for the history of awards received to date.
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