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Held "Dam Talk Show & Kasumigaura Water Supply & Iida Dam Tour in Ibaraki

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JTB will hold "Dam Talk Show & Kasumigaura Water Conducting & Iida Dam Tour in Ibaraki" on Saturday, July 23, 2016 only as a one-day tour in Japan.

The tour will include a dam talk show by Saki Miyajima and a tour of the Kasumigaura Water Supply and Iida Dam as part of the "Summer Vacation Project for Parents and Children" (adults only are welcome to participate).

Why don't parents and children learn about dams as a free study during summer vacation?

Highlights include.

  1. Dam Talk Show by Mr. Saki Miyajima
  2. Iida Dam Operation Room & Audit Corridor
  3. Visit to the tunnel under construction at the Sakura Pumping Station for Kasumigaura water conduit
  4. Iida, supervised by Miyajimadam curry

He said.

The event will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2016. The tour fee will be 9,700 yen for a parent-child pair (one adult and one elementary school student), 4,600 yen for an additional child (elementary school student), and 5,600 yen for an adult. The meeting place will be Mito Station Building Excel in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

in detailJTB's "Dam Talk Show & Kasumigaura Water Supply & Iida Dam Tour in Ibaraki" pagefor more information.

In addition, prior to the bus tour, a Dam Mania exhibition will be held at Kawamata Bookstore on the 5th floor of the Mito Station Building Excel Main Building from June 15 (Wed) to August 15 (Mon), 2016.

Many dam-related books, including the new dam card compendium Ver. 2.0, dam posters, the "Dam Manga" by Yoshihisa Inoue, T-shirts, tenugui hand towels, stickers, dam card holders, and other goods essential for dam enthusiasts are also available.

He said.


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