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Dam Curry is a curry with the roux as a dam lake and the rice portion as an embankment.make up (one's face, etc.)A curry to be built. Like real dams, there are gravity, arch, and fill types. Kurobe Dam Curry at the rest house of the Kurobe Dam (0848-Kurobe Dam) has a long history, but it was the curry made by a restaurant in Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, that was introduced by the media and became popular in earnest.Sanjuya (member of a tristate family of plants)The number of restaurants selling dam curry, including as a means of town revitalization, has been increasing. This has led to an increase in the number of restaurants selling dam curry in various regions, including as a way to revitalize their towns.

Dam Curry constructed by Kamima and others on Tokai TV's "GirlsxGirls" (GirlsxGirls)
Dam Curry constructed by Kamima and others in Tokai TV's "GirlsxGirls

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