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Reading: Catwalk
Also known as: Cat Run

A catwalk is a narrow passageway installed downstream of the embankment wall, mainly in concrete dams, for work during the construction phase of the dam and for inspection after completion. They are especially seen in arch dams.

Like the auditorium, it is off-limits to the general public, but may be opened only for various events or when special permission is granted.

If you are a dam enthusiast, passing through here is a kind of longing.

At Kurobe Dam, to prevent icicles from forming on the catwalk railings during the winter and causing the catwalks to fall due to the weight of the icicles, a work to remove the icicles is conducted about once a week.

Note that catwalks are installed not only on dams, but also on theaters, factories, bridges, and other high places, large cargo planes, airships, etc.

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