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Also known as Concrete Face Rockfill Dam

CFRD is an abbreviation for "Concrete Face Rockfill Dam." The literal translation is "concrete surface barrier rockfill dam. The upstream face of a rockfill dam is covered with concrete to prevent water from seeping into the embankment.

During the decade or so after the war when this method was established, technical problems such as unequal settlement and cracks occurred. For this reason, there were only four examples of this construction method at that time: the Ishibuchi Dam in Iwate Prefecture, the Obuchi Disaster Prevention Reservoir in Gifu Prefecture, the Notan Dam in Gunma Prefecture, and the Minase Dam in Akita Prefecture.

In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the number of construction cases overseas, and recently in Japan, CFRD has been tested at the upstream second-stage cutoff of the Tokuyama Dam, and the CFRD method is also being used at the Tomada Kurabu Dam in Okayama Prefecture.

Downstream view of the levee from the right bank
1074-Obuchi disaster prevention reservoir/Kobuchi Bousai Tameike

View of the dike under construction from the downstream side of the right bank
1130-Tokuyama Dam

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