Kanto Region Dam

Gunma Dam

0623-Naramata Dam

When that huge dike covers your field of vision, you are already in a world of amazement. How could such a man-made structure exist so deep in the mountains! Incidentally, the Tokuyama Dam was the largest embankment in Japan before it was completed. It is now the second largest, but it is so huge that it doesn't matter anymore. Compared to the Tokuyama Dam, where you cannot go directly under the embankment, the Naramata Dam is a more friendly dam. / Rockfill dam / 158m
Gunma Dam

0612-Yagisawa Dam

The Yagisawa Dam is an arch-type dam in the Okutone Dam Group, and it boasts of its gigantic size. It is the Yagisawa Dam. It is built in a secluded area of Okutone, and no one is allowed to enter beyond this point. / Arch / 131m
Gunma Dam

0602-Sudagai Dam

The Sudagai Dam is a power generation dam located at the junction of the Naramata Dam and the Yagisawa Dam. When the dam was completed in the Showa period (1926-1989), it was named Naramata Dam, but the upstream Naramata Dam changed only the letters in consideration of the existing Naramata Dam. But in the end, the Naramata Dam, which was the senior dam, changed its name to the Sudagai Dam because it sounded the same and was confusing. So it is a dam that loves its little brother. / Gravity Concrete / 72m
Gunma Dam

0605-Fujiwara Dam

Fujiwara Dam is the first high dam in the Okutone Dam complex. Although it has the use of power generation, it is not a stand-alone dam, but a pumped storage power generation dam with the upper dam, Tamahara Dam, and Fujiwara Dam is the lower dam. I saw this figure first from the downstream side, so I came straight to the downstream side. It is nice to be able to get a shot from the downstream side. / Gravity Concrete / 95m
Gunma Dam

0598-komori dam

The entire embankment is overflowing, and when the river is full of water, it creates a magnificent "sudare discharge" because of the natural overflow. It was lucky for us to see the discharge because there are days when the water volume is low and the dam does not discharge water. As you head upstream of the Tone River from this dam, high dams appear one after another, so it is recommended that you aim further upstream. / Gravity Concrete / 33m
Gunma Dam

0624-Yamba Dam

Entering Gunma from the Nagano Prefecture side, passing near Kusatsu Onsen, I had originally planned to go directly to the planned Yamba Dam construction site, but I noticed a public relations facility called the Yanbakan and made a hasty stop. The Yamba Dam has always been questioned as to whether it should be built or not, and even today it is a major issue that appears in newspaper articles, even in newspapers in the central part of Japan. / Gravity Concrete / 116m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0699-Doshi Dam / Kanagawa Prefecture

The design of the parapet, the moss stuck to the embankment, the water that does not decay even after crossing the equator.... Located on the border between Kanagawa and Yamanashi Prefectures, the dam is easy to find because a prefectural road runs along the top of the dam. 3 roller gates are the main feature of the dam, and although it is small, the design of the parapet tells of the good old days. / Gravity concrete dam / 32.8m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0697-sagami dam

This dam is located on Lake Sagami, one of the most popular leisure spots in the Kanto area. The roads around the dam were crowded with people. However, the area around the embankment was extremely deserted and even had a desolate atmosphere. The only people around the embankment were us and some boys who were fishing. / Gravity Concrete Dam / 58.4m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

3243-Miyagase sub-dam (Ishigoya dam)

Located on the Miyagase Dam site, it is a natural place to visit if you visit the Miyagase Dam. It is not just a sub-dam. It is a perfect dam that serves as a reverse regulating reservoir for a power plant, maintains the water level for the water supply, reduces the force of water discharge from the Miyagase Dam, and even generates electricity. It is not a sub-dam that should be kicked out of existence. It is a dam that works superbly. / Gravity concrete dam / 34.5m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0696-Numamoto Dam

This is a phantom dam that sinks when the water level of Lake Tsukui, dammed by the Shiroyama Dam, rises. It is almost invisible because it is covered with grass and trees, but I could see that it is actually submerged. The height of the embankment is supposed to be 25.5 meters, but it does not seem high at all. The top of the embankment is supposed to be 126m long, but you don't feel its length. / 25.5m / Gravity Concrete
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0701-Honzawa Dam

The Honzawa Dam was built as part of the Sagami River Comprehensive Development Project for the Shiroyama Dam and an artificial lake for pure pumped-storage power generation. Incidentally, the dammed lake of the Honzawa Dam is "Shiroyama Lake" and that of the Shiroyama Dam is "Lake Tsukui. In other words, the water in Shiroyama Lake (Honzawa Dam) was pumped up from Lake Tsukui (Shiroyama Dam), which is at a lower elevation... and confusing. / Rockfill dam / 73.0m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0700-Shiroyama Dam

Because Shiroyama Dam is close to central Tokyo and to Sagami Lake, which most leisure-seekers in the Kanto region have visited, the surrounding roads are very busy with cars on their way to the dam. National Highway 413 runs above the top of the temple, which may be the only national highway in Japan with such a heavy traffic volume. / Gravity Concrete / 75m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0698-Sagamihara Sedimentation Pond

Sagamihara Sedimentation Site, a dam dedicated to waterworks sedimentation site. On the map, it is called the "Yokohama Waterworks Sedimentation Pond. As the name suggests, it is located on the Yokohama Waterworks that carries water from the Sagami River to Yokohama, and is a facility that performs sedimentation treatment of impurities in the water. Because the dam is located within the prefectural Sagamihara Park, it has been designated as one of the "50 best bird-watching spots in Kanagawa" and is an excellent spot for bird-watching. / Earth dam / 18.5m
Kanagawa Prefecture Dam

0703-Miyagase Dam

A dam open to the community in Kanagawa Prefecture. Miyagase Dam has been developed on a really large scale and offers a wide range of tourist facilities. The Miyagase lakeside parkland has not only a park, but also a shopping area, where visitors can have a meal. There is also a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase local specialties. / Gravity concrete dam / 156m
Tokyo Dam

0692-Ogouchi Dam

First time on our site! A dam in Tokyo. Well, when you think about it, we have come a long way. But it was almost on the border of Yamanashi Prefecture (lol). As one would expect from the capital of Japan, there were a lot of people there. I mean, Lake Okutama was a man-made lake created by the Ogouchi Dam. / Gravity Concrete / 149m
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