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Introduction to Dams
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A sub-dam is a weir generally installed downstream of a dam to buffer water falling from the flood discharge and prevent scour. It is a type of damming.

In most cases, the height of the embankment never exceeds 15 m, but if the original dam is large, the sub-dam may also be large. In particular, the sub-dam of the Miyagase Dam in Kanagawa Prefecture (Miyagase Sub-dam (Ishikoya Dam)) is not only completely registered as a dam with an embankment height of 34.5 m, but is also a multi-purpose dam, with uses including "flood control, agricultural land disaster prevention, unspecified water, river maintenance water, water supply water, and power generation.

Miyagase sub-dam (Ishikoya dam)

View downstream from the top
Sub-dam of Nagashima Dam

View of the reduction work from the top edge
Sub-dam of the Kosibu Dam

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