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Flood discharge

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Reading: Kouzuibaki
Also known as: Kouzhibake Baki (abbreviated as "kouzhibake baki")

A flood discharge is a gate facility that allows water from a dam lake to flow downstream. Inlet andconduitThe flood control works are collectively referred to as flood discharge. Flood discharges are also referred to as "ordinary flood dischargeand "emergency flood dischargeThere are two types of "A" and "B".

Note that "emergency flood discharge" does not mean "emergency use" but "not regular use" (i.e., "non-regular use").

The so-called "dam holes" that were popular on the Internet for a while are also called morning glory flood spouts or morning glory flood spouts, because the shafts are installed in the dam lake and their mouths look like morning glories, but the official name is tateko-gata-kozu-baki.

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