Dam in Gifu Prefecture

1105-Takane Daiichi Dam / Gifu Prefecture

Dam in Gifu Prefecture
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Location: Takane-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

View of the embankment from the right bank

It is located along Route 361 between Takayama and Kisofukushima. As you can see, this photo was taken in winter. In winter, National Route 361 is extremely difficult to navigate unless you were born in a snow country. Moreover, the road around the dam is narrow, so caution is required. In winter, the road is narrow due to snow, and many cars are in a hurry to get to the ski resort. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you visit the dam outside of the winter season. If you must, and are not used to snow-covered roads, please prepare studless tires or chains. However, the road is being widened considerably, so the width of the road will not be a problem in the near future.

View of the levee from downstream

Photo of the nameplate from the right bank embankment (sorry it is difficult to distinguish)

View of the embankment from the left bank

View of the embankment from the right bank

dam characteristics

form (something takes)arched concrete dam
Bank height133m
Bank length276.4m
Dam volume330,000m3
Watershed Area159.8 km2
Reservoir area117 ha
Total storage capacity43,568,000m3
Effective water storage capacity34,013,000m3
Year Completed1969.

Other facilities/observations

Restrooms are closed for the winter.
When I was there, it was pretty much deserted with no one around.
I guess you could call it an unexplored region.
It is quite dangerous during the winter months.
If you are not used to snow-covered roads, it is safer not to go there.
(Added 6/23/2018: a new tunnel is being built, etc.)
It is becoming quite accessible.
(Still, I think it snows heavily in the winter...)

Parking lot
PR Exhibition Hall×
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