Iwate Prefecture Dam

0256-Gosho Dam

0256-Gosho Dam Iwate Prefecture Dam
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Date of the interview: Sunday, September 16, 2012

After leaving Tamagawa Dam, we returned to Iwate Prefecture. I was the only member of the group who stayed overnight in the car, but he accompanied me for a bath at Hashiba Onsen Shin Hashiba no Yu at Roadside Station Shizukuishi Anekko, and we arrived at Gosho Dam while eating Morioka cold noodles for dinner.

View of the levee downstream from the left bank

Naturally, it was nighttime, so I had to take pictures of the embankment at night, but I am not used to taking pictures of nightscapes, so here's what I got... I'm not used to taking night photos, so here's what I got...left bank (of a river)(in the foreground) is a fill dam,right bank (shore)(in the back of the photo) is a gravity concrete dam.

View of the levee downstream from the left bank
View of the levee downstream from the left bank

The Gosho Dam is one of the five dams on the Kitakami River that were constructed along with the Shijushida Dam, Tase Dam, Yuda Dam, and Ishibuchi Dam under a project also known as the "Tennessee River Basin Development Authority (TVA) of Japan.

Since we were not able to visit the detailed areas, we would like to report on them when we visit again sometime in the future.

Gosho Dam Specifications

LocationYamane, Tsunagi, Morioka-shi, Iwate
River NameKitakami River System Shizukuishi River
ObjectiveF (flood control, agricultural disaster prevention)
N (unspecified water, water for river maintenance)
W(Water for water supply)
P(Power generation)
ModelGF (Gravity Concrete Fill)combined dam)
Bank height52.5m
Bank length327m
Dam volume1,200,000m3
Watershed Area635km2
Reservoir area640ha
Total storage capacity65,000,000m3
Effective water storage capacity45,000,000m3
Dam operatorTohoku Regional Construction Bureau
Main body constructorKajima Corporation, Nishimatsu Construction Co.
Year of launch1967.
Year Completed1981
Name of Dam LakeGosho Lake (in Japanese mythology, the lake formed by drops of water falling from the heavenly jeweled spear)sons and daughters

Other facilities/observations

Parking lot
PR Exhibition Hall○○ (Gosho komonoshiri-kan)

Map around Gosho Dam

Accommodations that may be close to Gosho Dam

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