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dammeister "ta" column or row of the kana syllabary
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Reading: Damu-mai-suta
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English : dam meister

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The Dammeister also has a "General" and "specialistspecializationThe "classificationsubdivisionand there is an applicationtime of -the ... word (i.e. "the L word" = "love")indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.from ...oedogonium (any of a genus of filamentous green algae)and other categories.indicationcounter for bundles of 2000 sheets of paperThe following is a brief summary of the results of the study.

The Dammeister will be a volunteer and will be responsible for the following activitiesrewardremunerationwellnil(after the -masu stem of a verb) probablyCompensation.

How can I become a dammeister (general)?

Although the dam association's clear criteria for screening are unknown as they have not been made available to the public, the applicant must not only be knowledgeable about dams, but also have the ability and experience to spread knowledge, appeal, and role in the world. Looking at the activities of other dammeisters (in general) to date, the main activities are expected to be as follows, but numerical achievements are also expected to be sought.

  • Publicize knowledge and information about dams that you have seen and heard about through websites, blogs, SNS, fanzines, etc.
  • Actively contributes to the Dam Handbook, provides photographs, etc.
  • Providing systems related to dams.
  • Appearing at symposiums, lectures, and talk shows related to dams
  • Events related to the dam are being held.

Some numerical data in the case of Kamima is up on Twitter for your reference.

In addition, if you are steadily engaged in dam activities, you may receive offers from various people, regardless of whether you are a dammeister or not. (However, it is necessary to examine the contents of the offer.)

As of June 1, 2020, 19 of the 37 Dammeisters in the sixth term are general dammeisters and 18 are specialists. I would like to encourage dam enthusiasts to apply to become dammeisters.

Applications are accepted at any time, and the application form can be downloaded at any time from the link below.

ダムマイスター制度 | (一財) 日本ダム協会
About the Dammeister System appointed by the Japan Dam Association

Benefits of becoming a Dammeister

Although not that significant, the benefits of becoming a dammeister are as follows

  1. You can write "Dammeister" on your business card, or you can call yourself a "Dammeister" here and there.
  2. Monthly Dam Nippon is sent to you every issue.
  3. Access to books and other materials owned by the association
  4. Workshops and tours may be held (used to be held often, but recently has been declining)
  5. You may receive offers to appear on TV, radio, or to give lectures (sometimes by nomination, sometimes by a show of hands, so if you want to appear, take a chance).

If there are any other requests for the association, they will be consulted.

What to do when you become a dammeister

Basically, you can continue as usual, but if you have not done any dam-related activities, you will not be able to write anything in your activity record for the next renewal, so it is a good idea to do some activities.

Misconceptions about Dammeister

Since being a dammeister can be misunderstood in many ways, I would like to write about it based on my own experience.

Dammeister doesn't have to know everything about dams.

Dammeisters are classified into "specialists" and "general" categories, with the "general" category including those who can widely convey the appeal of dams, those who are knowledgeable about flood control, those who are knowledgeable about hydropower generation, and those who excel in photography.

And none of them have knowledge of everything related to dams, from structure, construction, and geology.

Therefore, dammeisters do not need to know everything about dams. (However, it does have the advantage of broadening the scope of activities and eventually leading to achievements.)

The number of units visited alone is not a criterion for dammeister certification.

The number of dams visited and the number of dam cards held are not the only criteria for certification as a Dammeister. They are recognized as achievements only when they are reported and published on websites and SNS, and when they provide photos to the Japan Dam Association.

There is no connection between Dammeister and the Dam Award.

Dammeisters are sometimes presenters at dam awards, but they are not presenters because they are dammeisters, and vice versa. It is just that the presenter happens to be a dammeister. Nor is it necessary for dammeisters to actively participate. (However, there is an advantage in that participation can be an achievement.)

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