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March 2013 Kii Peninsula Dam Tour (Ichinoki Dam - Ikehara Dam)

March 2013 Kii Peninsula Dam Tour (Ichinoki Dam - Ikehara Dam) Driving course
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This course can be described as an ironic course. It can be said to be a course where you are full after eating only the main dish of many old-fashioned dams and an arch dam at the end.

It is also one of the rainiest areas in the country and has been plagued by frequent heavy rains, so it would be good to tour the area from that perspective.

Compared to the past, National Route 168 has become much easier to drive, so the time required may be a little shorter. The only difficulty is that the road from Michi no Eki Totsukawa-go to Nanashiki Dam is National Route 425, which is a so-called "bad road. I have forgotten how long it took me to get there, so I used Google Maps to measure the time required, but I think it actually took longer.

I personally do not recommend taking the severe road No. 425, so it would be better to detour to National Routes 311 and 169, although the driving distance will increase by about 20 km. If you detour there, you can visit Futatsuno Dam downstream from Kazaya Dam and Komori Dam (Mie) downstream from Nanashiki Dam, so you can visit both dams as a set.

In addition, there is an arch dam called Sakamoto Dam upstream from Ikehara Dam, which we were unable to visit during our dam tour due to road closures.

Arrival timestarting (departure) time the time requiredlength of one's stay
6:50Gojo IC, Keinawa Expressway
7:007:30intramuscular dam0:30
8:008:30Sarutani Dam0:30
9:309:40Asahi Dam0:10
10:0010:40wind farm dam0:40
11:0011:30Okusato Dam0:30
11:4011:50Fuya Bridge0:10
12:0013:00Roadside Station Totsukawa-go1:00
↓ Via Route 4251:20
14:2015:20Nanashiki Dam1:00
15:4018:00Ikehara Dam2:20

Route Map


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