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Dam Encyclopedia" is released as a book on June 1.

Dam Encyclopedia" is released as a book on June 1. Dam News
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The mook version of "The Dam Encyclopedia" supervised by Masaki Hagiwara, which was released in February 2017, will be reborn as a book version and released on June 1. The mook edition has been out of stock for a long time, causing it to be sold at a high price on Amazon, but this will be a safe purchase.

I also own the mook version, so I can tell you my impression of that one: "It contains all the contents of the dam," but the explanations are easy to understand, so even dam novices can read it with ease.

Among other things, the book delves not only into basic and specialized knowledge, but also into the negative and deep aspects of the dam opposition movement, the dam bursting accident, and the people involved with the dam, making it a very satisfying read.

The release date is June 1, 2020. Pre-orders have already begun at major online bookstores, and we hope you will be able to obtain a copy.

The following is quoted from the publisher (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha).


How much is known about the true role of dams?

The role of and interest in dams has been particularly heightened in response to flood damage caused by "rain typhoons" and guerrilla torrential rains. In parallel, dam cards anddam curryThe dam is also very popular as a tourist attraction, with its discharge events attracting a lot of attention. But the role of dams is not limited to "flood control.
("flood(The term "disaster" does not necessarily mean a "disaster" as river flow is increased above normal.)
How much is known about the true role of such dams?

Dams exist for a variety of purposes, from river management to land conservation and power generation in Japan. In addition to explaining the essence of dams in an easy-to-understand manner, this lecture will also provide "points on how to enjoy dams" in an easy-to-understand manner for the "dam hobbyist" who finds entertainment in them.

Table of Contents

  • Know the Dam
    • Japan's BEST 10 Dams by Specifications
    • Basic knowledge of dams
    • Who owns the dam? / Role of dams / Structure of dams / Discharge facilities of dams
    • Dam Management and River Maintenance
    • [Dam Operations] Flood Control/Low Water Management
    • The Role of Dams Learned at the Museum
    • At a glance! DamMaps
    • Let's build it! Dams Everywhere
    • View the dam construction process
  • Enjoy the Dam
    • Let's go to the dam discharge event and tour!
    • How to enjoy dam tours and sightseeing
    • How to become a dam expert or dammeister?
    • Cool things, cool things. Photographing a dam (Yuhyo Hoshino)
    • Dam Curry when you visit a dam (Saki Miyajima)
    • You'll want to collect them! Charm of Dam Cards
    • Dam banknote & dam stamp (Takane Takane)
    • I want it! I want to make it! I want you to make it! Dam goods
  • Learn more about dams
    • Dam and Bridge
    • The inseparable relationship between the two! Abandoned Roads & Lines Lying in the Dam: The Bottom of the Lake and Its Surroundings (Yoshiyuki Hiranuma)
    • Roads & Railways created by dams (Yoshiyuki Hiranuma)
    • Replacement of railroads and roads by dams
    • The road at the top end is a companion of the railroad crossing? (Yoshiyuki Hiranuma)
    • The Suspicious Fascination of the Branch in the Tunnel (Yoshiyuki Hiranuma)
    • The dam on the map...is that it?
    • SPECIAL INTERVIEW Atsushi Suzuki, Director of Tsugaru Dam Work Station
    • Dam that you want to go to but can't
    • Private Sector Dams
    • end-of-life dam
    • Dam to be modified
    • Phantom dam that disappeared in the plan
    • Giant dams around the world
    • Outbreak of opposition to dam construction
    • History of Dam Construction
    • biography of a dam
    • Accidental Dam Failure
    • Films and literary works about dams
    • Know your dams and rivers
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