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The 6th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Kaneyama Intake & Maruyama Dam" will be held!

The 6th Gathering with Dam Lovers in Kanayama Intake & Maruyama Dam Dam News
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The last tour was held at the "Makio Dam", the source of water for Aichi Irrigation, and this time we will visit the "Kaneyama Intake Works", the second in the Aichi Irrigation series! And this time, we will also visit the Maruyama Dam as part of the tour! Maruyama Dam will never be seen again in the future due to the new Maruyama Dam, so this is your chance to see it for yourself!

We are no longer accepting applications as the number of openings has been filled. Thank you! As of 10/3 2:23, we have one space left! Please leave a note in the comments section to sign up!
In the unlikely event of a cancellation by Friday, October 9, new applications will be accepted by 5:45 p.m. on the same day on a first-come, first-served basis in the comments section below. (If you are unable to write due to a problem with the comment box, please contact us atFeedback" page(This is also acceptable if you contact us from)
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■Date : October 17, 2015 (Saturday) 12:10 Registration starts

Meeting place (reception)
Water Resources Agency, Aichi Water Supply Upstream Management Station (Aichi Water Supply Kaneyama Intake)
Location: 241-2, Ikitsushi, Yaotsu-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu-ken

Parking is available on the left side of the entrance.

■ Contents
Overview of the Aichi Water Supply Project
Visit to Kanenyama Water Intake
Visit to Maruyama Dam
Opinion exchange meeting

■Participation quota: 30 applicants

How to apply for participation

Please post your name (handles are acceptable) and the number of participants in the comment box below. This is all you need to do to register.

It seems that you cannot write in the comments depending on your environment. If you are unable to write, please contact us atFeedback" pagePlease contact us from Kamima will post on your behalf. (Added on 9/3/2015 16:05)

Application deadline

Saturday, October 10, 2015


  • Please wear sneakers or other footwear that is easy to walk in and non-slip, as you will be visiting a dam.
  • Let's all enjoy the tour together by observing the tour rules and manners as well as traffic rules and manners.
  • Please follow local instructions for taking photos and posting on blogs, social networking sites, etc. Also, please be considerate of portrait rights, etc.
  • The schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to disaster prevention systems or other reasons.
  • Iron seeping from the Maruyama Dam audit corridor will not come off on clothing, even if washed.
  • Helmets will be worn at Maruyama Dam. Helmets are in limited supply, so please bring your own helmet, such as a dam enthusiast's helmet, if you have one.
  • If it rains at Maruyama Dam, the planned tour course may change.
  • Please let us know in advance if you are unable to do strenuous exercise as you will be going up and down stairs.
  • The course includes areas that may be dangerous for children of elementary school age and younger to visit, so we may ask them to stand by out of consideration for their safety.

I went down there for a preview!

We went for a preliminary inspection on Wednesday, 8/26, and we're pretty sure it's going to be another good tour! We'll be licking our lips at the various Kaneyama intakes as well as the Maruyama Dam! Once again, knee-bursting laughter is inevitable!

Kaneyama Intake Parking Lot

Kaneyama Intake Parking Lot

This is the parking lot where we will meet. It is a large lot, so it should be fine, but if you cannot park there, we would appreciate it if you could park by lining up your car vertically with another enthusiast's car.

View of the water intake entrance

View of the water intake entrance

It is amazing that they built this 50 years ago, even though it has undergone several renovations since its completion. Also, the tunnel portal is really cool.

something secret

something secret

You can see that thing from the Kaneyama intake! This will be a treat on the day of the event! (They probably know.)
Oh, and please visit the Aichi Water Kannon on the premises.

Maruyama Dam Parking Lot

Maruyama Dam Parking Lot

After the Kaneyama intake, head for the Maruyama Dam. The road is narrow on the way, so please move carefully. The parking lot at the Maruyama Dam is narrow, but we ask that you park in a row at the far end of the lot.

New dam control & 100-inch monitor in Maruyama Dam management station

New dam control & 100-inch monitor in Maruyama Dam management station

You will tour the inside of the Maruyama Dam Control Center, where you will see the newly replaced and brand-new dam control system and a huge 100-inch monitor.Old PhotoCompare with

something secret

something secret

This is a thing that probably would not have been seen this close up at any of the previous Forest and Lake Friendly Season events. It's so close to you! It's like that.

View of the levee from the right bank observatory

View of the levee from the right bank observatory

I'm not going to go into all the details, but you will enjoy it anyway. We hope to see you there!

*The observatory in the photo is not included in the course, so please see it before the meeting or after the breakup. (It may be dusk after the breakup)

Lodging facilities considered to be the nearest

Rakuten Travel is here↓(Accommodations outside the area may be displayed.)

Map of meeting place

This article was written by.
Shin Jinma

Dam enthusiast who loves Momosuke Fukuzawa / Dampedia and Dam News administrator / Certified Dammeister (01-018) by the Japan Dam Foundation / Started selling discharge caution goods.https://shop.dampedia.com

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    1 obstetrician!

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    Again, participation (1 person) please!

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    One person will participate. I am glad to see the mouth of Kaneyama, which I just requested, as soon as possible. Looking forward to it!

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    One person is required to participate.
    I'm looking forward to it. ♪

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    This is the second time following the previous visit to the Makio Dam.
    Please allow one person from Kasugai, Aichi to participate.

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    Please participate by one person.
    I enjoyed the last Makio Dam and look forward to this one as well.

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    I already feel like I'm late to the party at this hour. w

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    I'm hoping for two participants!
    I would like to enjoy my first Maruyama Dam at this meeting.

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    Please let me know if you would like to have one person participate again as in the previous meeting.
    I was in a hurry this time because everyone applied so quickly.

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    Nice to meet you!
    We were just about at capacity, weren't we?
    I would like to join one person. Thank you in advance.

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    My name is Apollo and I participated in the tour of the Makio Dam.
    I would like to participate by myself, is it still okay?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  30. As the number of openings has been filled, we are no longer accepting applications. If there is a cancellation by Friday, October 9, new applications will be accepted by 5:45 p.m. on the same day in this comment section on a first-come, first-served basis. (If you were unable to write due to a problem with the comment section, you may also contact us through the "Feedback" page.)

  31. tamaevo says:

    Mr. Shin Kamima
    Nice to meet you.
    I would like to be on the waiting list (2 people), but would like to confirm a good date and time to write.
    What time will it be on Friday, 10/9?

    • Sorry, sorry for the late reply.
      Also, sorry for the confusing wording.

      Regarding the waiting list, I meant that if there are any cancellations from this time now until at least mid-morning on Friday, 10/9, we will make an announcement when the cancellation is made and the application will be accepted by 5:45 pm on 10/9.

      This means that if there is a cancellation now, we will give notice immediately.

      Please note that this is due to the need to confirm and inform the Maruyama Dam Management Office of the number of participants. Please note that if there are any cancellations after the afternoon of 10/9, we will not accept any applications.

  32. We have one cancellation and will only accept one person, please write here by 10/9 at 5:45 p.m.! We have confirmed that there is a problem with posts not being reflected, so please use the contact form (https://dampedia.com/about/) to let us know if this is the case.

  33. This is a proxy submission as T2-YA will be participating.

    With this, we've filled the canceled slots, so we're closing the call for applications once and for all!

  34. アポロ says:

    Good evening!
    I was planning to attend the 6th meeting with dam enthusiasts on the 17th of this month, but I am suddenly unable to go due to work, so I would appreciate it if I could withdraw from the meeting.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    • Sorry for the delay in contacting you.
      I am sorry to hear that you have cancelled your reservation.
      If there's a next time, we'd love for you to join us!

  35. *To all participants
    I am sorry for the delay in thanking you, but thank you very much for your participation the other day. We are relieved that there were no problems, and we hope you will join us again next time.

    Now, I would like to make one request to all the participants. Regarding the photos of the operation room of the Maruyama Dam, we were told that it is OK to post a panoramic view of the monitors and operation console on SNS, web pages, blogs, etc., but detailed photos (visible photos such as names of buttons) are not allowed due to security reasons.

    If you have already posted such photos, please delete them accordingly.

    That is all, thank you in advance.

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