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A collection of paper crafts of dams

A collection of paper crafts of dams Dam log
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We published this article on this site in early Golden Week, April 2020, when the new coronavirus (COVID-19) began to spread and the first state of emergency was declared.

More than a year has passed since then, and we humans are still struggling with the new coronavirus, with mutant strains appearing left and right. Frankly speaking, I do not know which should be given top priority, economic activities or prevention of the spread of infection. However, I personally believe that both are important.

Among dam enthusiasts, there were some who said "there are more suicides among young people who lost their jobs, and even if you get corona, it is not a big deal, and in fact you should boost your immunity" or "the vaccine is not effective," while others calmly assessed the situation and refrained from going out as much as possible, while others took all possible measures against infectious diseases and toured the dam or went to events. Some people took all possible precautions against infectious diseases, and some went on dam tours or went to events.

Some of them were extreme in their opinions, saying that the number of dead in Corona included old people who originally had a long life expectancy, and that we should save young people who have a future rather than old people who have a long life expectancy, or that old people should die. I was surprised to see such an extreme opinion.

Extreme opinions aside, I am honestly getting tired of the dichotomy of being slammed for moving out of the prefecture and being ridiculed for not going out, being called a coronal brain, etc. I think it is a good idea to at least make fun of people who are responding to requests from the national or local government or the company where you work.

I also saw some people making fun of those who said, "Those who are saying, 'When things settle down...' should stay in the house forever. I think we should not forget that there are many people with various circumstances and ideas.

Also, some dams were closed for tours of the topsides and inside the levees, and dam card distribution was suspended, and if you were disappointed about that, but unfortunately I also saw some comments that made fun of the way they were handled.

Dams are public infrastructure. It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if the infection were to spread to the employees and their work were to be disrupted, which would interfere with flood control, water utilization, and other operations. And, to top it all off, we are now entering the flood season.

In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and the Japan Water Agency (JWWA) have been forced to reduce the number of personnel due to the severe bashing of their projects in the past, and are now operating with just a few staff members.

More than 10 years ago, I once protested against a dam operator because I did not agree with their intentions. At that time, a person from another dam operator told me that we were only allowed to visit the dam and that we had to think about why they wanted us to visit the dam.

I am sure that working adults are well aware of the fact that the reason for a dam project is not made public for various reasons, but I think it is the right thing for us adult dam enthusiasts to do.

Let me tell you, so that there is no misunderstanding, I have no intention of condemning or attacking those who go to the dam in this situation. I believe that measures are being taken to prevent infectious diseases and that a certain amount of economic activity is necessary. Economic activities can be done online, but the local economy still relies on cash, and dropping money in the water source will help revitalize the community.

(I have a headache that if I write something like this again, people will say, "Some dammeister, Kamima, is ignoring the request for self-restraint and recommending dam tours," but I have no intention of recommending them).

However, in rare cases, such people make fun of or make offensive remarks about those who refrain from going out, which I think should be stopped and those who refrain from going out should be properly respected. The opposite is also true.

...I'm sorry for the incredibly long preamble 😓.

Anyway, this article is aimed at dam enthusiasts and their children who are calmly assessing the situation and refraining from going out as much as possible.

A year ago, I wrote about making paper crafts of dams at stayhome. Since then, more and more dams have released their paper craft data, so I wanted to re-compile this article to introduce them together with those from the past.

2022.6.30. Broken links corrected, waterfall dam added.

Kasegawa Dam Management Branch Office

On May 31, 2012, Kasegawa Dam released a new paper craft. Two versions are available: a simplified version that even children and clumsy people can make, and a regular version in which the crest rises and the reduction works are more three-dimensional.

【20210531】【更新】嘉瀬川ダムペーパークラフトができました。 佐賀河川事務所 嘉瀬川ダム管理支所|国土交通省 九州地方整備局
Kasegawa Dam Paper Craft is now available.

Tone River Dam Integrated Management Office

These paper crafts were distributed at the Yagisawa, Naramata, and Fujiwara dams on the occasion of the "Minakami 3 Dams Spring Inspection Release. The Sonohara Dam and Aimata Dam have been added to the list, and the paper craft data for the five dams is now available.

ダムのペーパークラフト | 利根川ダム統合管理事務所 | 国土交通省 関東地方整備局
Tonegawa Dam Integrated Management Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Paper Craft of Dam

Kawakami Dam (Mie) Construction Site

This is a paper craft of Kawakami Dam under construction in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture. 1/1500 scale realistic model and easy model are available.


Tsuruta Dam Management Station

A paper craft of Tsuruta Dam was published on the website of the Tsuruta Dam Management Office after the previous article was published.


Hayadegawa Dam

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are available.

早出川ダムペーパークラフト - 新潟県ホームページ
It is on the page of Hayadegawa Dam Paper Craft

Kinugawa Dam Integrated Management Office

Paper crafts of the four Kinugawa dams (Gojuri Dam, Kawamata Dam, Kawaji Dam, and Yunishigawa Dam) were released on April 30, 2021, the Golden Week period.

鬼怒川4ダムペーパークラフトが出来ました | 鬼怒川ダム統合管理事務所 | 国土交通省 関東地方整備局
Kinugawa Dam Integrated Management Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Kinugawa 4 Dam Paper Craft is now available!

Tachino Dam

It was first unveiled in December 2018, and an additional "2021 commemorative model" that also serves as a tissue box was unveiled in May 2019.

Tatsuno Dam Paper Craft [River Management Division, Kumamoto Office of Rivers and National Highways (Aso Tatsuno Dam) |Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kyushu Regional Development Bureau
Tatsuno Dam Paper Craft

Ota River Dam

This is a paper craft of DAMZo, an original character that has probably existed since its construction, although it is not a dam but a character.


Sagami River System Dam Management Office

This is also not a dam but a character, a paper craft of Dam-Eleki-kun, the head of the Public Relations Department of the Water Utilization and Electricity Division of the Corporate Affairs Bureau.

Kids' Corner at the Sagami River System Dam Management Office
This is the Kids Corner at the Sagami River System Dam Management Office.

Miyazaki Prefectural Bureau of Enterprises

grains of sand on the beach (i.e. something countless)flower basket (or plate) used for flower-scattering ritualsPaper crafts of the Dam and Hamasuna Power Station and the Iwase Dam and Iwasegawa Power Station.

The page you requested could not be found.

Kanto Regional Forest Office erosion control dam

Although not a dam under the River Act, a paper craft of the erosion control dam is provided by the Kanto Regional Forest Office.

Kanto Regional Forest Office Home Page

Kurobe Dam (Toyama) Trolleybus

Although not the Kurobe Dam, there is a paper craft of a trolleybus. There are also two versions, a beginner's version and an advanced version.


Waterfall Dam

A third-year student in the Environmental Civil Engineering Course of the Construction Environment Department at Kuji Technical High School in Iwate Prefecture created this work as part of his research project class, and the Taki Dam Management Office has made it available to the public. The gate is also well constructed.

Let's make and play with paper crafts of Taki Dam|Iwate
Iwate prefecture (Tohoku area)

If you know of any other paper crafts available on the web, please send us the information. Also, as we mentioned in the last issue, we would like to ask each dam operator to release the data of their paper crafts.

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