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Four examples of what we dam enthusiasts can do during a new coronavirus outbreak

Four examples of what we dam enthusiasts can do during a new coronavirus outbreak Dam log
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Is everyone stayhome? Hi, it's time for the Dumb Log.

The new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) still does not allow for optimism, and I am sure you are in agony because you are forced to refrain from going out and cannot go to the dam, which you used to love. I have not been able to go to the dam for three months due to family reasons, but even after my family situation has settled down, I still cannot go to the dam, and I am relieving my sorrow by looking at the drainage pump stations, agricultural water gates, and river embankments in between walks to relieve my lack of exercise.

In spite of this situation, I have summarized some of the things we dam enthusiasts can do in the event of a new coronavirus outbreak.

No.1: Make a dumb paper craft.

Did you know that there are paper crafts of dams? Some dams distribute paper crafts printed on cardboard, but you can't just go and get them, can you? However, there are dams where the data is available on the website of the dam management office. We highly recommend paper crafts not only for adults who have free time on their hands, but also for children who are at home because of the school holidays.

Tone River Dam Integrated Management Office

These paper crafts were distributed at the Yagisawa, Naramata, and Fujiwara dams on the occasion of the "Minakami 3 Dams Spring Inspection Release. The Sonohara Dam and Aimata Dam have been added to the list, and the paper craft data for the five dams is now available.

ダムのペーパークラフト | 利根川ダム統合管理事務所 | 国土交通省 関東地方整備局
Tonegawa Dam Integrated Management Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Paper Craft of Dam

Kawakami Dam (Mie) Construction Site

This is a paper craft of Kawakami Dam under construction in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture. 1/1500 scale realistic model and easy model are available.


Tsuruta Dam Management Station (added 4/30)

I don't know if it's because you read this article, but on April 30, a paper craft of Tsuruta Dam was released on the website of the Tsuruta Dam Management Office!

Tsuruta Dam Management Station|Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu Regional Development Bureau
Tsuruta Dam Management Office, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Click here for the paper craft announcement (PDF) ↓.


Hayadegawa Dam (added 7/21)

By now I realized that the Hayadegawa Dam (Niigata Prefecture) also has a paper craft on their website!

早出川ダムペーパークラフト - 新潟県ホームページ
It is on the page of Hayadegawa Dam Paper Craft

Kanto Regional Forest Office erosion control dam

Although not a dam under the River Act, a paper craft of the erosion control dam is provided by the Kanto Regional Forest Office.

Kanto Regional Forest Office Home Page

Kurobe Dam (Toyama) Trolleybus

Although not in Kurobe Dam (Toyama), there is a paper craft of a trolleybus. There are also two versions, a beginner's version and an advanced version.


Tatsumi Dam was cast in paper craft.

I had at home a paper craft of the Tatsumi Dam and the Okuibiko Bridge (an extradosed bridge over the Yokoyama Dam Lake. I found a paper craft of the Tatsumi Dam and the Oku-Ibiko Bridge (extra-dosed bridge over the Yokoyama Dam Lake, tentatively named the Shin-Yokoyama Bridge at the time of construction) at home, so I built the Tatsumi Dam.

Paper craft of Tatsumi Dam and Shin-Yokoyama Bridge
Paper craft of Tatsumi Dam and Shin-Yokoyama Bridge

Tsuruta Dam was also cast in paper craft (added 5/3).

A paper craft of Tsuruta Dam was uploaded on 4/30, so I built it right away.

As far as I could find on the Internet, the Tonegawa Dam Authority and Kawakami Dam (and Tsuruta Dam) are the only dams that have released PDF data of paper crafts. We hope that dam operators will take this opportunity to release the paper craft data.

No. 2: Organize your photos.

Why don't you organize the photos of dams you have taken? When I take pictures, I save them on my HDD like "date taken + order visited + dam Japan compliant dam number + dam name + prefecture name". (ActuallyDamMaps(We make use of this by copying and pasting the name of the dam in the)

Example of folder name
Example of folder name

Also, I would like toAmazon Prime MembershipAmazon Photos allows me to save RAW data, has unlimited capacity, and saves the image data as is, so I don't have to worry about degradation.

Of course, you can also use Amazon's regular shipping service and Prime Video, etc. If you are not yet a member, please become a Prime member by clicking the banner image below.

No. 3: Tour of St. Vieux Dam

Headline intact: tour the dam using Google's Street View. Some dam locations may not be imaged by a Streetsview car, but rather by volunteers who use 360° cameras to capture powerful images.

Below is a photo taken from the catwalk of the Yahagi Dam.

No. 4: Write and publish a blog.

If you have so many photos of dams, why not write a blog and publish them instead of publishing them on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram?

You can also summarize them on Togetter or Moments, but why not monetize them through affiliate marketing on your blog? (Though AdSense and other services have been reducing their cost-per-click since companies have been cutting their advertising expenses...)

If you have lost your job and income due to the new coronavirus, this may be a way to increase your cash income as much as possible.

There are a variety of blogging services, including Yahoo! It is extremely troublesome to start writing a blog and then have to move when the service ends. (Some blogging services do not allow affiliates.)

First, a rental server

So, although it costs some money and knowledge, I personally recommend that you sign up for a paid rental server and build it with WordPress.


This is the first rental server I used. I recommend it to those who want to pay less.

X server

This is the server I am using now. It is a little expensive. However, it is stable, highly functional, and relatively fast. If your timing is right, you can sometimes get a free domain name as part of a campaign.

wpX Speed

This is a dedicated WordPress rental server developed by X server, and if you only use WordPress, you may choose this one.

Get your own domain name.

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Value Commerce


If you are interested in doing a blog, I am always available for consultation. Let's reciprocally link to each other once you publish it, lol.


I picked up some other things that could be done at home related to the dam.


Dam access has been restricted at various dams, dam card distribution has been temporarily suspended, and inspection and discharge events have been canceled, creating an unprecedented situation for the dam community.

Some people may say, "It's okay because dams don't attract people." However, dams are also a form of infrastructure, and infecting employees could force them to close their offices and hinder the management of the dam.

If you are a carrier and are unaware that you are infected, it would be nice if you could stay in your car all the time, but can you really go back and forth between the dam and your home without stopping at a convenience store or even the restroom, without seeing anyone, and without touching anything?

In addition, in the unlikely event of an accident, it could cause problems for the medical field, which is already under pressure.

Let's be patient and stay home. And let's overcome Corona. Let's do our best so that we can meet you at the top of a dam somewhere when we have defeated Corona.

Stay safe!

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