Dam in Aichi Prefecture

0000-hyakketsu dam/duzuki dam

Dam in Aichi Prefecture
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Location: Yanbira-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

View of the levee from the downstream side of the left bank

I was checking to see if there might be something I forgot to disclose when I disclosed the Kiso Dam, and to my surprise, I realized that I had also forgotten to disclose this dam. However, it is not a dam in the narrow sense of the word, because the height of the embankment is not 15m.

To reach Momotsuki Dam, drive National Route 153 toward Asuke if you are coming from Toyota City, and go straight north on Prefectural Route 11 without crossing the Hirado Bridge. The photo was taken from Route 355 on the left bank of the river, not from Prefectural Route 11 on the right bank.

Zoom in on the flood discharge

Two roller gates. The red color is very impressive. At this height, it would have been completely submerged during the Tokai torrential rain.

View of the fishway

It is a beautiful stepped fishway. However, I could not see the fish actually passing through.

Hyakutsuki Dam Specifications

form (something takes)gravity-fed concrete dam
Objectivegeneration (e.g. power)
Bank heightm
Bank lengthm
Dam volumem3
Elevation of non-overflow areaE.L.m
catchment areakm2
Reservoir areakm2
Total storage capacitym3
Effective water storage capacitym3
River NameYahagigawa River System Yahagigawa River
Year Completedcounter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system)

Other facilities/observations

There is very little information on this dam, and I have no idea about the specs. I think Chuden could disclose a little more information.

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