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DVD supervised by Mr. Hagiwara, "Zekkei Dam: Aerial Photography of a Dam No One Has Ever Seen," is now on sale!

Aerial view of a dam that no one has ever seen Dam News
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Dam writer Masaki Hagiwara is probably no stranger to dam enthusiasts, and a dam DVD supervised by him has recently gone on sale. The DVD is calledAerial view of a dam that no one has ever seenThe angle of the photo is "Aerial view of the dam". As the title suggests, this is an aerial view of a dam, an angle that dam enthusiasts have considered at least once.

However, aerial photography requires the use of a multicopter or helicopter, a feat that can only be accomplished with a certain amount of financial resources. Moreover, it requires permission from the management office. This DVD is the first time that this has been done.

The dams included in the DVD are the Yagisawa Dam (0612-Yagisawa Dam), the Naramata Dam (0623-Naramata Dam), and the Futase Dam. This DVD is a very promising work, as it allows the viewer to see angles that are not usually seen. Moreover, the Yagisawa Dam includes an aerial shot of the dam discharge scene.

."Aerial view of a dam that no one has ever seenis currently available on Amazon for 2,700 yen. It does not appear to be on sale at Rakuten or other retailers.


Aerial view of a dam that no one has ever seen
Aerial view of a dam that no one has ever seen

Registration Information

Director: Yoshihide Shojima
Supervision: Masaki Hagiwara
Format: Color
Region code: Region free (worldwide)
Number of discs: 1
Duration: 85 minutes
EAN: 4580370800067

Product Description

Dams are now attracting so much attention that they are being featured on TV programs. The film is supervised by Masaki Hagiwara, a dam writer who knows all about the charms of dams, and includes everything from inside the dam to aerial photography with the cooperation of various organizations! The aerial shots of the Yagisawa Dam's discharge taken by a multicopter, which is a hot topic right now, are breathtaking! This time, three dams, "Yagisawa Dam," "Naramata Dam," and "Futase Dam," are included with the theme of dams that can be reached in a day trip from central Tokyo.

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